Bhutan’s Environmental Disaster

NEC Secretary Ugyen Tshewang

The National Environment Commission (NEC) is a “horse racing” specialist in the RCSC system. He managed to come into the executive category and become Dzongda, where the people of Tashi Yangtse were so frustrated with his unscrupulous behavior that some of the Dzongkhag staff even resigned. The people of the Dzongkha finally decided to take him to court and get rid of him. Alas, luck was on his side. He was selected as the “Director” of NEC in Thimphu. Within weeks he claimed himself as the “Secretary” and the RCSC quietly watched. He finally got his orders from the Prime Minister. RCSC had to give in and recognize him as Secretary.

This guy was also at the National Biodiversity Center, where he was at constant loggerheads with the staff, and his drinking habits were famous. Unfortunately for the people of Tashi Yangtse, he became their Dzongda next.

At his present posting in NEC, he always looks for opportunities to “fly out” and make strong the public belief that NEC is always flying out. He is now out to do anything for the present ruling government. He has ensured that the Shingkhar – Gorgan (in Bumthang and Lhuentse) road will also be granted environment NOC. He now goes from geog to geog in the pretext of issuing NOC without delay, but hidden behind is the pressure from the PM. He will go to any extent to please the PM. The people of NEC are so frustrated that some of them have resigned and some have asked for transfers. He is now trying to bring in his nephews and nieces to replace the lost staff so that he can run the office at his whims.

He is the only civil servant on record that had come fully drunk from an official trip abroad. Ask the air hostess who was scolded by him for not putting his son in business class in Druk Air. What a scandal.

With this kind of people in the key posts, where is our country going?



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  1. I’m disgusted with this type of personal attack. Even if the allegations are true – and I have no idea if they are – this one on the NEC chief reveals more about the writer than the subject. This website should not accept any material that has no redeeming feature of making us laugh at the expense of ourselves and our elected leaders and bureaucrats.

  2. It’s nice to have a laugh and especially at the expense of ourselves or others. After all, laugh is a laugh and laughter is the best medicine to cure all that aggrieves our society. Having said that, and on a more serious note, I think the NEC has a pack of bully’s who enjoy using their authority to split hairs on even the smallest of issues and kill initiatives of those enterprising to get the nation going ahead economically. And, the saddest part is that the Organization has neither the expertise nor adequate manpower to authoritatively deal with environmental issues in an intelligent and efficient way. The number of projects that are collecting dust at the NEC are quite alarming and supports my claim of its inefficiency and the unprofessional manner of conducting their business.
    I have had no dealings with the present NEC secretary nor know much about him, but time has come for the govt. to reexamine whether it is truly serving the purpose of why it was instituted or its there to merely impede development and progress of both govt. and provate sector projects.