Bhutan Does Not Make It To The United Nations Security Council

Bhutan United Nations Security Council
– Based on 10 Zing Goodpath’s investigative work at the UN

Goodpath has found that Bhutan lost the elections because of the last minute interview. The closed-door interview got the Bhutanese officials stumped. Here are the secret questions Bhutan was asked. The UN members watched while the panel led by the UN Deputy Secretary General asked the questions. Bhutan was led by HE Khandu Wangchuk, representing the Prime Minister of Bhutan.

Q. Why do you think the UN will benefit from Bhutan’s membership in the Security Council?
A. The Security Council has to deal with very grave issues related to the very survival of countries and peoples. It deals with war and life and death. Bhutan will bring her GNH. Happiness is the core ambition of all people of all countries. Bhutan can unite the countries going to war by reminding them of happiness and the need for a sustainable economy. This world is consuming and enjoying life too much and needs to go back to roots of rural life and …

Q. Hold on, next question. Why is Bhutan better suited than the other countries like Cambodia and Korea to deal with Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Libya and such difficult countries?
A. GNH has four pillars. Good governance, environmental conservation, …

Q. What relevance does that have to the question? And to problems like terrorism, arms trade, NATO etc? No more national happiness please!
A. It is Gross National Happiness, not national happiness. It is more important that GDP which is gross domestic product which means …

Q. With utmost effort we are going to ask you the final question, although it is clear that Bhutan has not thought about how it could help the UN through its candidature. Apart from showing up on the world stage or winning a popularity contest at home in politics, you have not thought things through. Here’s the question. How will Bhutan provide leadership to further the interests of peace and security as a member of the Security Council?
A. Bhutan’s GNH paradigm has now generated so much intense applause around the world. Whole world is talking and the leader of GNH is our leader the Prime Minister Jigmi Thinley. He is world renowned for GNH and will be able to bring all the leaders including Gaddafi, Karzai and others under his umbrella leadership during his tour of GNH as new development para…

UN Panel. Please leave the room, minister (by the way Gaddafi is dead).

That is how Bhutan lost the vote. The Tibetan tried to contact the PM (honourable) but he was said to be out of reach in northern Bhutan. However Goodpath has learnt from sources among the local horse renting community that the Chinese government has set up a luxury camp with cultural entertainment and medical assistance such as massage and wine, to help the PM regain his remarkable pomp and hubris. The Chinese are worried that they will lose their loyal and trusted soldier in a strategic buffer nation.

Goodpath needed a drink as he had dreamed big with Free Tibet. Bhutan dreamed big with a UN seat. If Bhutan won, Goodpath was ready to buy an army uniform and joined Free Tibet Army immediately. While nursing his drink with his head in hands he overheard a phone conversation with the words, “Yes la Apa Lyonchhenla, only 20 votes out of 193 la. That too because of your travel and hard work around the world for four years la. Otherwise even that was not possible la.” So …. the PM is not out of reach.

10 Zing Goodpath
This story from 10 Zing Goodpath

10 Zing Goodpath is our ace sleuth reporter. Feared by all, this former freedom fighter, and now crime fighter writes for our weekly column “The Tibetan”.


  1. Nobody is shocked at the result including our world famous PM. Infact, he prepared us on the impending defeat, although not on how humiliating it was to be. May be, he thought he could repeat his glorious victory in 2008 at home, wherein, he gave a crushing defeat to the PDP. But that was at home and what happens globally is totally a different story. This should be a humbling experience for our country and particulary The PM who wanted too much too soon and that tooo…..blow his bi-i-i-g ego! And who pays for it – the country and we the poor underlings.

  2. Why don’t you write your own report card…..

  3. There was nothing wrong in losing here. Indeed we gain here. Now 193 countries know that Bhutan existts. In the process Bhutan made diplomatic relation with more than 40 countries(overall). It signifies our will, independence from shackle of India after 2007 treaty and also the role Bhutan can play in future.

    Bhutan also stands to benefit from foreign ads and grants as we are driven by two things; Indian support and foreign ads. I will rather go for foreign ads than only India ads because India is maintaining paternalistic attitude and calling Thimphu every time Bhutan meet China.

    As India enjoys monopoly over hydropower too, they choose to pay very little back to Bhutan with many excuses…

    This is sign of Bhutan growing up, maturing and flying independently and freely not on the wings of Father India.

    • Shame on you dorji..dont your minister know how to speak anything excepts gross national happiness…this is not only funny..I think your people have to go start studying from grade 1.

  4. I like ur ads on aids Dorji. lol