China Daily Interviews Bhutan Prime Minister J Y Thinley

Jigme Thinley and Wen Jiabao

Nobel Peace Prize winner Lyonchhen’s interviews where his humility shines through. During a recent interview to the China Daily, PM Lyonchhen J Y Thinley spoke about the beauty of democracy in Bhutan and China.

CHINA DAILY NEWS: Democracy thrives in Bhutan says PM

(China Daily) Your Excellency, democracy must be new and difficult in Bhutan. Is people’s voice heard?
(PM J Y Thinley) Sir, I am a humble man. I am a humble servant and even my humble voice was heard.

(CD) How, Your Excellency?
(PM) Recently there was a deadly enemy impersonating me on Twitter. Somebody planning to bring down this country of mine.

(CD) Yes Excellency, these Twitter and Google can be very bad for the country.
(PM) Yes, this impersonator was dressing, speaking and behaving like me. Everyone thought it was me. They thought instead of representing Bhutan at conferences abroad I was tweeting all the time. Even my wife ignored me and fell in love with his tweets. But worst of all, this impersonator impersonated me and had a meeting with the Chinese Prime Minister in Rio! I was in my hotel room at that time not in the meeting!

(CD) Yes sir, our government has instructed us, the media, that there was no real meeting but the relations between China and Bhutan are at a new level. Without any meeting, yes. Yes it was an impersonator at the meeting. In fact that terrible speech about GNH was also by this impersonator, sir. Yes.
(PM) No, that speech was me … never mind…, so anyway, after some expert hacking of the twitter accounts for which I sought help from the Chinese PM whom I never met, I threatened the impersonators and also took out a humble plea through the media at the same time. Today there are no impersonators because of my humble plea.

(CD) This is almost as good as Chinese democracy. We can silence millions at a time politely. Well done, Excellency.
(PM) Thank you. You know, I look up to China not because it is in the north but because I admire your democracy.

(CD) Excellency, it is good to know you look up not because we are in the north since that means that you look down at India not because it is in the south. We get that very subtle point, your excellency. Well done to small nation standing up and looking down to big Indian nation.






Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


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