Dawai Kudroen: ACC Plans to Fix OAG, Gangnam Style

Dasho Neten Zangmo

A reproduction of interview between BBS’ Dawa and ACC Chairperson, Dasho Aum Neten Zangmo, in Dawai Kudroen.

Dawa: As always Dasho, it’s a pleasure to have you on TV. Welcome to Dawai Kudroen.
ACC (smiles): Thank you Dawa, it’s always a pleasure being on TV.

Dawa: The Gyelposhing bombshell has been finally dropped. How do you feel?
ACC: It’s now or never. We foresaw many issues, complaints and what nots, were the ACC to delay any further. The bottom line is, sooner the better. We have carried our investigation well and what you see and hear now is the testimony of the hard work put in by my colleagues [in the ACC].

Dawa: Now that the case has reached Mongar court, how similar or different are the charges from the one laid out by a certain Goodpath?
ACC(shrugs): God forbid, they are just as similar and yet just as different.

Dawa (confused): Would you mind elaborating a bit on it la?
ACC: Well, the cat will be out of the bag as the due process of the law is being followed. And you should be able to ascertain the similarity and the difference in no time as the case unravels on its own.

Dawa (unconvinced): Anyhow, there are rumours that Goodpath is in your payroll, now that people realize he can come on strong and help you bring to light about the corruptive behaviours of the influential people in the country.
ACC: I take it as a fancy statement from you.

Dawa: No no, Dasho la, what’s your take on it?
ACC (laughs): Payroll or not, he is a man to watch out for.

Dawa: The other rumour is his paper isn’t being fed the ads they would very much require. If his paper goes bankrupt and renders Goodpath jobless, would you consider giving him a job?
ACC: Well, it depends on his interest and of course there is the selection criteria he will need to fulfill.

Dawa: OK, but there’s no way you will personally go to him and ask him to join your good office?
ACC (perplexed by the question): No comments!

Dawa: Laso, let’s move on la. OAG. Definitely the haddi in you kebab?
ACC (fuming): Well, I guess they are doing what they think is right.

Dawa: But are they right?
ACC: If you ask me, No! They should mind their own business. Not helping ACC is one thing, but trying to change the face of the case is utter blaspheme.

Dawa( curious as hell): Blaspheme?
ACC: Yeah, the ACC religion. Commit no corruption, and stand not between those who does so.

Dawa: But they are not fighting the case. They are just questioning your actions.
ACC: My actions, authorized by the virtue of the ACC act and the power vested in me by the trust and faith of HM the K. I didn’t cook them out of my home kitchen.

Dawa: But the court agreed with OAG on the suspension case. Would the court yet again agree that ACC cannot prosecute ACC-pronounced-but-yet-to-be-convicted infidels?
ACC: There are every chances of that happening. We are a confused lot after all.

Dawa: “We” as in the royal court of justice?
ACC: I didn’t say it. You did.

Dawa: What do you make of OAG with regard to their roles and responsibilities?
ACC: You ought to ask them that. Anyways puppets will not have much to say unless we ask the puppet master.

Dawa: “Puppet master”, as in the Hon’ble PM?
ACC: I didn’t say it. You did.

Dawa: Do you agree that OAG is acting in the interest of the government? Or is ACC against the government?
ACC: Government? ACC is prosecuting individuals. Where does the question of government arise at all? And let me be clear to all here. If the government is involved in corruptive practices, then yes ACC will hook on to it like a pest until the case is resolved, irrespective of whether you call it going against or for it.

Dawa: So is OAG allowed to favor such individuals?
ACC: By all means the individuals are allowed to be represented by their own lawyers. To answer your question, the OAG cannot act as their representative. The honourable Court of Justice has made it very clear.

Dawa: But the OAG is undeterred. They have come up with a second petition against ACC. Have they put their leg too far and crossed the line this time?
ACC: I am not sure about that. But yes they have indeed poked their nose too far this time and they are in for a stench.

Dawa: Wow, you seem to have your own plans for the OAG.
ACC: Well, we have our own plans yes. Since I keep reiterating that OAG is acting on behalf of the individuals it has to be seen if the lawyers are acting in their own personal capacity or not. These lawyers cannot use the name of OAG to pursue this case further.

Dawa: Then they definitely cannot use the office resources like vehicles etc.
ACC: Absolutely. It remains to be seen even if they have availed personal leave or not while pursuing this case. Usage of office vehicles, computers, papers etc., even their official designation, while taking up this case will be deemed as corruption. The government cannot pay them, the defendants should take care of that. And whatever petitions brought up against ACC should be in the name of the defendants and not OAG. We should realize, for every stance they [OAG] take on this case, there are other government/state related cases that are kept unnecessarily pending.

Dawa: So you mean OAG is putting its official name tag upfront in this case in itself is corruption.
ACC: You said it.

Dawa: So there’s another investigation awaiting OAG?
ACC: We have already written to the RAA requesting the AG (of RAA) to look into this issue.

Dawa: And what after RAA’s findings?
ACC: Will follow after RAA’s findings.

Dawa: If RAA finds OAG in the wrong?
ACC: Simple. The individuals will repay the resources wasted by them on this.

Dawa: ACC will be fine with it?
ACC: No. Then we will forward the case to court. Issue a suspension order to the AG (of OAG) and other lawyers involved. You very well know this time we are within the purview of the ACC act.

Dawa(grinning): Wow. Forgive me, but you seem to be a fanatic of suspense… errr… suspending people I mean.
ACC (smug faced): I take it as a statement from you, hence redeeming no answer or further comment from me.

Dawa: But it gnarls up another pensive question. Who will prosecute the prosecutor?
ACC: ACC of course. They very well know this time the ACC Act will allow us this time. They can’t concoct cock and bull stories about things being of the past. Everything has happened in 2012.

Dawa: So you will ride on their bare backs and take them for a long ride, gangnam style?
ACC: It’s them who’s been trying to take us for a ride. It’s about time we returned the favor, gangnam style or not.

Dawa: So the future of Gyelposhing case may look uncertain, but that of OAG looks pretty bleak.
ACC: You said it. I didn’t.

Dawa: As always, it’s a pleasure to have you on TV. Thank you for your
time, Dasho.
ACC: Thank you Dawa, it’s always a pleasure being on TV.




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  1. Dear Bhutanomics,
    You didn’t do justice to Dawa Wangchuk of BBS, he has stepped out of his character in this piece. His usual self if being very pro DPT and very defensive about DPT’s shortcomings. Sometimes I feel Dawa is DPT’s undercover agent in BBS.
    Well, enjoyed the article nonetheless

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  3. Just wait and watch, what Aum Neten is for after the Gyelposhing verdict.

  4. she is a real hero of Bhutan. my hat off . we the people of Bhutan are very much grateful for having such hard working nation server. dasho there is still few Big Fishes are left in pound…fixed them..leave no one…gangnam style..