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Kudos !!! Bhutanomics, our very own Nostradamus with predictions of Doma Tshering as Bhutan’s future Foreign Secretary is already coming true with her getting selected as the director of MDA, through a so called open competition (ha ha ha). Well it’s an achievement for Bhutanomics but bad news for Bhutan’s fight against corruption, Dzongkha promotion and civil servants’ morale.

Will it be right to say – Doma’s selection was influenced by the invincible hands of corruption. If so, it frustratingly confirms the puppetry status of the RCSC including the Chairman. It undermined the credibility of RCSC. It also wretchedly confirms bleak future for development of Dzongkha our National Language. It also confirms the nonsense of the weightage given for rural posting. These may not be allegations but possible facts as explained below. And may be this is an opportunity for ACC to venture into new areas. There is a definitely a good case in this case.

1. Context

There were four candidates, three from MoFA and one from elsewhere.

2. Why no future for Dzongkha, our national language – a grave concern for DDC

As per the selection scoring sheet, 5 marks are allotted for written Dzongkha. Going by the feedbacks of the candidates, Doma should be getting much lesser marks. Two of them including Doma could not write Dzongkha properly. They did not even understand the questions. Ha ha ha. So when the country is supposedly making huge efforts in promoting Dzongkha, on the other hand, government officials trying for an executive level position cannot even read Dzongkha. This only confirms Dzongkha is not important. DDC can easily confirm this! Ha ha ha. DDC your existence is a joke.

3. Weightage on rural posting is a farce

As per the BCSR 2010, 8 marks are allotted for rural posting and Doma and 3 others from MoFA should not get any marks for this as it is obvious from their posting history and infact if RCSC wants to seriously pursue the intended policy and objective of giving bonus marks for rural posting, Doma and other candidates from MoFA should be getting even negative points due to their many foreign postings. Isn’t foreign posting opposite to rural posting. Ha ha ha again.

All those civil servants serving or having served in rural areas and believe that they will get bonus points during such open competitions is just a myth. It will not make any difference. Sadly and uselessly, BCSR 2012 goes all the way in even detailing the calculations of points for rural postings, as if it is going to make big difference. Ha ha ha.


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  1. MoFA is not called Ministry of Family Affairs for no reasons. Ha ha ha.
    DPT and JYT is taking the nation for granted. He he he.
    Fellow Bhutanese, you have been screwed. Ho ho ho.

  2. Who the hell is Doma by the way?

  3. Achophento says:

    So to summarise;
    1. you dont like Doma T.
    2. you think extra marks for rural posting and dzongkha are the critical qualifications to be in the foreign service?

    • “Well to the party ” this is what JYT would have said in his call to Doma T…..” Oh by the way it is just a return favor and nothing more”. “One day you ‘ll become foreign secretary and then you should promote my GNH lifelong ambassador candidature wherever you go”.
      This is just all in light tone and hope people would not make it a fuse about it. This is what it thought the conversation would have been but it may have been different.

    • oh, i just saw the RCSC website and other new appointments.

      – New Chief of Protocol at Foreign Ministry. He has good rural posting experience and good command of Dzongkha as former Dzongda. but no foreign service or international diplomatic protocol experience.

      – New Director of Roads. He has very good command of Dzongkha, former local governance head…. but no experience in handling large construction contracts/projects or a background in engineering needed to oversee national road planning, construction or maintenance.

      Not to prejudge their capacities as individuals, but with such process of selection, there is no need for any relevant professional experience for technical posts. So much for a professional and capable civil service.

  4. I think rcsc is getting bored with no better work to do …so they are coming up with so many weird things…..points for rural posting is one such example……

  5. Is she Dago Tshering’s daughter ??? Set criterial for selecting the candidate should be followed whether they are relevant or not to the post. It is RCSC’s responsibilities to make sure they are followed. So, RCSC pretends not to know when a powerful family is involved. Actually, all the big shots operate in a circle, you scratch my back, I will scratch yours.

  6. I too prefer to believe experience in rural posting and Dzongkha written and reading knowledge is not relevant to foreign ministry positions and some other positions, but the irony is the rcsc selection criteria has them as standards. so, some of us are not even trying for such openings knowing that one cannot read and write Dzongkha and not having rural postings but this article appears to say that in some select cases these criteria are not considered. So rcscs needs to seriously look at this.

  7. We have laws, rules and regulations enough to be head loads for the entire 700,000 of us in the country! Whether they are followed or not is not the job of the parliament and the govt. Their job is to manufacture still more during every session to justify their existence. Of course, when they do try to follow some over enthusiastically, they more than screw up things like the Tobacco Terror!

  8. Rcsc. Rcsc???????

    • Rcsc is a big joke. They announce open competition when they like n appoint whenever they like. Open competitions are announced just to waste people’s time. Lost faith in the way rcsc functions. Rcsc needs overhauling.

  9. Why Doma got favored is simply because she is the niece of big man JYT and her dad is Lyonpo Dago.

  10. I understand Doma T, whoever she is connected to, is an intelligent, efficient and a go – getter. And such people do get by in life over others even though they may be better qualified and have the right credentials. However, Doma T unfortunately, has not realized that the importance of the national language. One could converse flawlessly in French and English, but fails to read and write one’s own mother tongue is something not only us, but she herself should feel very uncomfortable about. In diplomacy or international relations the first criteria is to know your own country well before representing it. Her not doing any rural posting is definitely is a minus point in that direction.

  11. MFA= Ministry of Family Affairs

  12. I Think any open competition for an post has to be announced two times in a year. one in July and another in January coinciding with the promotion date till that the vacant post can be look after by offtg. heads.
    Any way it is in Bhutan and any thing can happen. Sor for us just wait wait and see who comes and goes la. Tashi Deleck to Doma T.

  13. RCSC has become an expert organisation in rigging interviews. No credibility and respect for their interview results. This case clearly proves that. They don;’t even show the marks tally to the participants lo! What transparency is that?

  14. who gets and who do not get is a matter of judgement made by a committee consisting of supposedly of competent authorities. However to hear that a daughter of once very popular home Minister does not know how to speak mother tongue or has no rural posting speaks volumes of herself, her parents who espouse so much of patriotrism, tsawa sum and so on and on…as well as the rules and regulations we have in place. it is known to every one that in the past that only influential people used to get posted at Ministry known populary and rightly so as Ministry of family affairs. Now with democracy, things should have improved and right people with right back ground and experience should have got selected. Unfortunate she is related to JYT who is dictating the terms at the moment and all MPs are like tormas and do not bother much as long as they get their pay and allowances. Sorry for the destitutes in Bhutan, you have to bear such thing although we are a Buddhist and a GNH country..


    1. Choiten Wangchuk, EID No. 8801017, DPA, MOF, Director EX3 A promoted as Director General EX2A
    2. Chencho Norbu,EID No.8805205, DoFPS,MOAF Director EX3 A promoted as Director General EX2A
    3. Kinley T Wangchuk,EID No. 8601070, MOIC Director EX3 A promoted as Director General EX2A
    4. Tshering Kezang EID No.8905023,MOHCA, Dzongdag II EX3 A promoted as Dzongdag I EX2A
    5. Thinley Wangchuk EID No.8607075,DOI,MOHCA,Director EX3 A promoted as Director General EX2A

    By appointing Doma Tshering under the misty environment if RCSC attempted to seek the PM’s support, then, what does it expect in this rushed promotion of the DGs amongst others, the two important husbands? From the EIDs, it shows that seniority or length of the service was not the sole criteria because, if so, then, obviously, these 1986 employed civil servants would have long got their promotion at least two years ahead.
    Is RCSC up to something mischievous – trying into securing their precarious chairs through support tactics?
    Under such a mystified RCSC’s wild working environment, service delivery in the civil service would only deteriorate further into irremediable destructive levels rather than improvement. The complete overhaul of the RCSC’s corrupt top brass is only THE solution if public trust in the RCSC system is to be regained.