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Kim Jong Un

Breaking news! The 20 countries (out of 192) which voted for Bhutan at the United Nations Security Council are:

  1. Bhutan (because honourable PM lobbied very hard and ensured that Bhutan would vote for Bhutan.)
  2. North Korea (for obvious reasons to do with South Korea. When JYT transforms Bhutan into a banking centre, the Korean leader will launder his money here.)
  3. Iran (because only Bhutan brought a full fledged delegation to the failed NAM summit in Iran.)
  4. Kuwait (old friends of Bhutan’s fourth King.)
  5. Japan (loves Bhutan after the visit of the King and Queen and hates South Korea.)
  6. Thailand (loves King Jigme. The PM filled in, folded and inserted the ballot herself together with a picture of King Jigme. She will not wash her hands for a week she said.)
  7. South Sudan (they were feeling lost as it was the first UN voting they attended. They thought they were voting for Botswana.)
  8. Pakistan (out of happiness as Bhutan, India’s only friend in the world, discards India.)
  9. Afghanistan (Korea has no role in his country so Karzai decided to vote for either Cambodia or Bhutan. Then he remembered how much JYT bowed and praised him during a recent conference, for his integrity and dedication to his people. Known for corruption, embezzlement and nepotism in the US and his own country, Karzai was relieved to find someone who respected him. He instructed his delegation “vote for my soulmate Jugmee of Bootaan and also extend invitation to the next conference to him”.)
  10. Sri Lanka (the President’s family and JYT’s family are going into business together.)
  11. Nepal (the delegation was shopping and looking for the alien immigration gate in Bronx. The office sweeper who had been kept seated for attendance purposes was asked which country’s ballot box he wanted. He had never heard of any other country than a few SAARC ones. He asked for the India box and was told India was not on the ballot. He asked for Bangladesh, Pakistan and China and Sikkim too. None were on the ballot so he finally said “bhotay aro lai dhayo” and the Bhutan box was brought before him.)
  12. USA (Samsung and Apple court case. Already has ties with Cambodia. Wants ties with Bhutan.)
  13. Zimbabwe (President Mugabe thinks JYT resembles a younger version of himself. Looks and personality.)
  14. Libya (because Khandu Wangchuk promised that JYT would control Gaddafi during the UN panel interview. This gesture was appreciated even though Gaddafi was already long gone.)
  15. Brunei (because the elite there are adopting JYT’s version of GNH which is to keep the majority poor and happy because they have so much time and nothing to do. While the minority are rich and unhappy because they have too little time to spend too much money.)
  16. Somalia (No proper government so no one lobbied them. Delegation decided to put the ballot in any box. The first box alphabetically was Bhutan.)
  17. Russia (no one knows why. Maybe in the land of the phallus, there can be no pussy riot.)
  18. Iraq (Bhutan doesn’t have ties with the US.)
  19. Canada (because they really believe in the TRUE GNH of fourth King and haven’t found out JYT has adopted it.)
  20. South Korea (you know when someone is 100% sure of kicking your ass and taunts you before he does it?)

Real result of the UN SC campaign? Amazing diplomatic skills of JYT were made known to the world. Without spending any time and effort in Bhutan, he managed to get her vote. He is destined to be the UN Secretary General, the world’s most powerful diplomat.

10 Zing Goodpath
This story from 10 Zing Goodpath

10 Zing Goodpath is our ace sleuth reporter. Feared by all, this former freedom fighter, and now crime fighter writes for our weekly column “The Tibetan”.


  1. What????? Unbelievable!!! I am very disheartened. Didn’t Orissa and Madhya Pradesh vote for us? How can they betray us.

  2. atsara lopon says:

    F#*$ you bhutanomics for bringing out the most disgusting, brazenly whory cheap articles suited for the likes of your family living in the gutter. Kudos to you for destroying whatever little decency that’s left in this world.

  3. Kho-thangpa Kid says:

    Though I guess some who were in our unsc team or those who are insinuated here would be offended by the article. But I think this is really great satire and gives some lessons our country could learn. People should have the sense to take this is good spirits.

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