Letter From President Karma Ura to Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley

Karma Ura Jigme Y Thinley - GNH
Your Excellence,

I have never disturbed Excellence too much as you are busy as Prime Minister and I am contented to do all the work myself. As my senior from schooldays, I have always not mind doing your work.

I am disturbing you today to convey good news only. No it is great news. I have discovered the title for the project we have started from long ago school days. Along the way you have called it Gross National Happiness. GNH was never a good title. It is very unacademic and unphilosophic and does not confuse the mind like proper intellectual title.

Excellence, there are the Five Senses of human beings. They are Hearing, Seeing, Smelling, Feeling and Tasting. Our project does not fall in any of these and cannot be experienced by any of these. Therefore, I hope you are bracing yourself for this masterpiece name…, Sixth Sense. That is our project Lyonpo – Sixth Sense.

Hence is forth, we will no longer use the GNH title. We will use SS. As example, let me state that your GNH Resort in Bumthang can now be called simply reSSort. This new name discovery has been transcendental and cosmologically sound. We have overused GNH in campaign for UN seat and Happiness is the dirty word. Now we do the same project but use the new name – Sixth Sense. We can even use same speeches. Just cut and paste GNH and SS. As slogan we will say “Man can Acquire Sixth Sense (MASS)” and “MASS is more important than MATERIALISM”.

Excellence, during your re-election campaign phase, may I travel around world in your place? In past, you have taken all trips to places where they really appreciated our project (EDITOR: meaning where hotels, DSA, etc., were very attractive) while I have been going to Mountain Echoes Festival in Bhutan and India. This is sad for me.

After all, we promised I would head one house of Parliament and you the other, and together we will take this project to the globe. In last minute, a dim witted and half conscious Namgay Penjore from Punakha took my seat of Chairman. You consoled me for days and days and gave to me my seat again in Centre for Bhutan Studies (CBS) raising me to President of CBS. I was thankful and served you like a servant for years as we worked together. This year, I am alarmed and amazed at the coming news that the Chairman is now in your DPT. I am advised by my advisers that you have planted him to defeat me in 2008 Chairman elections so you can take GNH project for yourself. I do not believe this advise. Please assure me this is not true before we take our “new” old project forward. I am ready to serve you as you start new term from 2013 with Sixth Sense project just as I served when you started 2008 term with GNH project.

We have grown together Excellence. While you have done many “leaving a legacy” projects like Nyerzergang, Tendrelthang, big Flag outside Tashichodzong, Thongdrol in Changlimithang, etc., I have created Tshechus everywhere. In our traditional historic outlook of centuries, warlords and local leaders built things, but the legendary saints designed the dances and costumes. I am sure you can make Tsechus also Excellence, but you don’t have time. If you are serious to work together I have new project after MASS. For new democracy and era, we design new flag and national anthem for Bhutan. We will also rename Bhutan. That project we will call Building Democracy. How many years we can travel around world to find right flag, anthem and country name for strengthening democracy in this land???? (I spent long time thinking to use ! or ? and decided ? is more academic and humble but I could not resist many ??? because idea of mine is too good.)


With my warm respect and deep appreciation,


President Ura of Bhutan CBS.




This letter is from our series:

Letters from the lovers of democracy and nation.

They say if you criticize the DPT, you are against democracy and the nation.


Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Jigdra Dradul says:

    It is ironic that Mr. Karma Ura is a strong proponent of GNH. He is a draconian leader. Good leadership is not in his blood. Happiness begins at home. But the office he is leading (center of Bhutan Studies) has become the center of unhappiness. Many new graduates dread to join CBS. The older ones have left and are still exiting. If such trend is set, where is the development of scholarship in this country. CBS people are not happy themselves. Suprisingly, they are the ones to conduct GNH survey and write what-nots on happiness. Those who left CBS were not happy, and they too claim to be happiness experts in one way or other, after having been thoroughly brain-washed by Mr. Karma Urap

    Mr. Ura should now leave CBS. He should give chance to younger ones. There are many potential scholars who can even outdo Mr. Ura if given them the impetus. They can run CBS as good as Mr. Ura without being shrewed Chamcha of the elites. How comes that he can be the head of this organization for more than a decade? RCSC need to wake up and transfer him elsewhere, at least, to ensure that others get the opportunity to serve in such organization.
    Urap should realize time has come for him to relinquish the post to give way for others to pump in their innovations and ideas. Declare the post open to competition.

    Recently, CBS has changed its name into GNH Research. It is funny. What credible research has it produced, except for those confusing reports, based on the survey conducted with flaws? I was taken aback when I was told CBS survey took about a year to complete. Happiness survey should be completed within a stipulated timeframe, otherwise, the results are likely to be flawed.

    Mr. Ura should also realize that he cannot be the head of CBS for so long. Being in the same office for too long may breed corruption as well. The post of DG of CBS cannot be monopolized by him. It is only with some frequent change in the leadership that any organization will get new ideas and innovation. Ura has now moral reason to resign from CBS. This organization neither belong to his parents nor to his family. This is a public institution and the opportunity to serve in the Ura’s post should be open to all. He is not just one that Bhutan has. Bhutan has many potentials.