Other day I was watching the BBS television and there was a news about a place called Khanduthang. This was the first time I heard a place by this name but soon it appeared to be a very familiar surrounding. Few seconds later I saw my home and my relatives speaking on the BBS!

This is the story everywhere in south today. Barring the main Dzongkhag names (only spellings changed: ex. Chirang now is Tsirang and Samchi is Samtse), most places are rechristened. It had started even before 2008 but with delimitation the ECB has almost virtually given so called Bhutanese names to all the southern Bhutan villages with a prefix of –thang. Perhaps there are over one hundred villages with names ending “Thangs” in southern Bhutan now.

Often the translations are direct from the former local names but are long, uninteresting, too common and not at all easy to remember. While Bhutanisation may be the justification given (I am only assuming), but ignoring the age old names which have links to the places’ history, culture and the sentiments of the inhabitants is a direct contradiction of the provisions in the constitutions. Not to mention that the locals (resettled people included) are unable to remember these new names and continue to use the old names, except in the official conversations. At the end of the day they need to reach their right destination!

Is there any good done by this change? Are we not ridiculing ourselves in front of outsiders as a very narrow minded, non-accommodating and orthodox society?


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  1. The recent post on our Mejay Lyonchoen was so bad I have decided to not visit this site again. Report card on students attracted me to this site as much as getting personal at our PM pissed me off. Jagay Rinzin.

    • This is esp. to Mr. Jagay Rinzin. Mr. Jagay is our Lyonchoen the Hon’ble Prime Minister, your father, uncle, cousin or you are supporting him because he has done some favor to you.

      Don’t you see what’s happening around yourself????? ……..!

  2. Atsara Lopon says:

    This website’s definitely some ngolop concocted website, trying to indoctrinate some poor innocent bhutanese folks. I had my doubts before and now i’m absolutely sure it is. So balls to bhutanomics!

  3. Achu TB Waka says:

    Names changing back to original and other new ones goes on all the time

    – Bombay back to Mumbai
    – Calcutta to back Kolkotta
    – New Amsterdam to New York
    – Lanka to Ceylon to Sri Lanka
    – Siam to Thailand

    They should continue with changing the following back in India;
    – Darjeeling back to Dorjiling
    – Gantok back to Gangtey
    – Kalingpong back to Kabliphu

    the common thread is the changing of original names given by colonials and settlers and in our case Dantak and settler names back to indigenous names.

    Maybe we should even consider officially going to Druk Yul instead of Bhutan

  4. middleVoice says:

    This ass is having problem with everything…. By doing all these things, he is just making more enemies, wasting his time and resources… Enough is enough you dick face…lol