Kumbu Appeals to Prime Minister Again

Jigmi Y Thinley

I beg your forgiveness, as we have no one to turn to for all our Kidus. I once again with humble prayers and folded hands would like to lay down the following kidus:

  1. My wife has been trying for a U.S. Visa for the last 8 years. She wants to go and work there as a nanny. We heard that Lyonchhen is visiting the US soon for the UN General Assembly meeting. Please, can you include my wife on the entourage list.
  2. The 2013 Elections are around the corner and there will be a lot of money to be made in election related advertisements. I want Lyonchhen’s blessings to start a private newspaper and for this kind act of yours we will work tirelessly defending the DPT government and promoting your personal interests. On your part you have to ensure that you strangulate the existing private newspapers that are actually conveying the truth.
  3. I think there is some truth when people say MoFA stands for Ministry of Family Affairs. I have a son working in Home Ministry and would like to request Kidugi Pham Lyonchhen to transfer him to MoFA. My family is not related to you but we can definitely kiss ass. I heard that you reward such people.
  4. My niece has done the Japanese language course and is currently jobless. Can you please ask your daughter to employ my niece in her tour company that specializes in Japanese tourists. My niece can even speak fluent Chinese (just in case).

For this kind act of yours I will ask my friends in the US to lobby for an international award for you or better still we will put international pressure on Bhutan to make you the Lifelong GNH Ambassador.

Thank you,

Your GNH citizen.

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Kumbu was born in the GNH country, to GNH parents. While attending GNH School, he dreamt about working for GNH as a GNH officer. Now, happily married to GNH, he breathes and eats GNH. Kumbu is the GNH citizen.


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