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no job in bhutan
Dear every one,

Today I am writing my feeling and what I am going through. I am a graduate and my friends and me cannot find work anywhere. We are desperate. And I want to tell you all to help me and my friends. I am feeling that our Prime Minister and government is lying to us about having lot of jobs for us. I am going to tell how much me and my friends are suffering. Help us someone, give us job that we can do, we study for our entire life and now we want job like everyone. We don’t want to sweep and clean toilets and roads. If we wanted to do that we will not have studied for our entire life. We read kuensel and papers for job interviews every day. But when we go there they tell us we don’t have experience to do the job. Everywhere we go they say no experience so you cannot do job, but one person just like us come and get job because he study abroad India I think and they tell us we have no experience. He too have no experience. But why did he get? Is my degree certificate from Bhutan college bad? My shoe is now getting torn from walking interviews and I am getting fed up and tired. I try for many months now to get job but I cannot find.

People told me I was intelligent guy when I was in lower grades. They told me a great to come after my class twelve and I go to Sherubtse college. I reached there. I studied all day and night. My family called me sometimes in college tell me to study hard and I told them I am studying day and night and I study all the time. But now no finding job I don’t know how it went wrong. I study so much in college that I find no time for girlfriend like my friends but I will get girlfriend when I get job I tell myself all the time. I get degree certificate and my family and myself are very happy. I can speak English properly and I can do computers to mail and internet, type my feelings like now but I find no job.

In 2008 when voting I vote for Lyonchen Jigme Y Thinley and DPT thinking they give me and my friends job when I get degree certificate but now my friends and me get no job. In last orientation speech by Lyonchen and in kuensel they say that unemployment percentage come down and many jobs for us all but we are finding no jobs why? We thinking Lyonchen and minister lying to us. Me and my friends don’t want to go to our village to do job, it is very tough and we too educated with degree certificate to work in our village.

I am very sad now. I have no money to do many things but my aunty is very Kind. She give me a little and tell me to find job all the time and I tell her I am trying best to get job. My family in village very sad I cant find job anywhere and I tell them I find job very soon and send money to them. I don’t know what to do now, I am very sad and angry sometimes. But recently me and my friends get together and we drink, it feels very good as I do not feel sad and also one of my friends bring a tablet telling is very good and I try tablet also. It feel very very good. I do not feel sad anymore and I feel very happy. Me and my friends have no money now and we want more tablet and alcohol to feel very good. My friend said that we can get money from peoples cars and houses but I say no no that is bad. We cannot do that but I think that’s the only way to get money for us.

Me and my friends want to work for TsaWaSum. We want to do good job to serve and make everyone proud. Everyone say we are future of country but what future when we get no job? I see so many cars many buildings and I want to get one also but first I need job. I don’t want to steal money, I don’t want tablet, I don’t want alcohol when I get job. Help me and my friends to get job someone please. We don’t want to hear talk from anyone that lot of jobs there, we want someone to come give us job. Everyone say have courage to pursue dream but no chance given to us to get our dream.

People are calling me and my friends stray dogs now. They are saying we are care-free and directionless whatever that is and I tell them we are trying to get jobs to be good like them and we do more. I tell them we want to be good son and daughter to our parent, and good person soon. We still have fire in our heart but slowly is going small, and slowly thinking that we are failing not because of ourselves but because Lyonchen and government lying to us that our degree certificate is good to get job and many job are there for us. Our Lyonchoen is always travelling abroad and talking to all other countries but what about our job?

I think people don’t trust us or do not trust our degree certificate. But we are good person and we can work if you give us job. You give us job we can get experience. We want to get job to serve country, to fulfill parents dreams and self dreams. If we don’t get job we will fight for ourselves in whatever way we think right.

Me and My friends are saying please now give us job so we serve and make parents and every one proud.

Yours sincerely,



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  1. Citizensconcern says:

    Dear every one,
    I can understand the feeling of your heart wrecking pain of having no were to work. Sometimes, things do not always come the way we wish and in such situation there are some people who does not let their emotions to over come them, and for them we look up as a wise person. Just keep waiting and reading more and more. keep policies and changes in your tongue tip. Keep writing in your own and be a writer. Attend every interviews and try how you can improve next time. Find your own strengths and weakness so that you can workout for improvements to be made. Seeking refuge in Drugs and Alcohol can make no one great. I can feel the pinch of looking after the job and getting rejected all the time, but ask the interviewer in what way you have failed to convince them. Ask them about how can you improve next time. Stay up and cheers for you guys. Remember you are the cream and you have responsibilities to be shared. Our MPs and governments as a whole has made lots of promises and they don’t exactly know why did they make. Don’t blame them, you know they cant do, better be proactive and i know you guys have a lots of potential to make some organization miss you…
    Yours Colleague

  2. Yeshi,

    Thank you. You have spoken my mind, and narrated the frustrations that I was going through. I am also a recent graduate, but I have been hunting the job market for now almost four months. I have interned also, and for that, I have spent thousands in taxi fair. Notwithstanding all the problems you have highlighted, I have several other problems too. My parents need immediate support- financial support indeed, and for that, I am desperate like you in finding a job. I am also traumatized like you and your friends. I am facing problems at my sister’s place too, which I have been putting up for 4 months now.

    However, fastest and earlier bird catches the worm. It depends entirely on our personal caliber and skills- our aptitude and capabilities. Not all the fingers are same. They come with different shapes and size; similarly, all individuals have their own strength and weakness. Relating to this, those who deserve get the job and those who are incompetent are ought to be left out. This is the rule of the game. Long ago, Bhutan was a fable country, with everything free, but today, in a fast speeding and highly competitive world, we must sprint and find our own way (life is a race-Didn’t you watch three idiots). If there isn’t any way, we must create our own way. Imagine that you are the proprietor of a firm, and whom would you employ? Highly competent and efficient one right? Yes! Profit generation is the motive, and for that it requires efficient worker, otherwise the investment would be wasted.

    All said and done, I agree that there must be suitable condition to unleash our talent. The state, the government, bureaucrats, et all should create a conducive environment that are prospective, and brings good hopes and opportunities. But looking at the current scenario, it seems that we have moved back to the era of ‘great depression’- unemployment, unstable economy- shortage of INR, 20 Million shortage of foreign currency reserve, rising corruption, blatant and abrupt policies ( without referendum or without public consultation to name few)
    However, there is an old Buddhist proverb, yet profound one. Shantideva said, “What is the NEED of worrying if the problem cannot be solved, and what is the USE of worrying if the problem can be solved”

    And one more, “Among a hundred heads, your head is the most important”
    So find your own destiny, design your own path, and live with motivation and determination.

    This would seem like I am preaching. I am also in the same league, but I have found ways to move my ass from there, at least for some time.

    PS: Currently, to make a living, I am working as a helper in a networking business. I am paid Nu.500 for manual work like arranging the room, painting the wall, and assisting a technician who passed VTI.

  3. If you really want job, first change your attitude in posting such articles.

  4. It really is a moving thing that you have written up there,and I do sympathize with the circumstances in which you are in. But I believe that in a country like Bhutan, and you being a graduate, its unlikely one wont get a job. The unemployment case is merely a mismatch of expectations and jobs. I think the case is not due to the lack of jobs but rather lack of interests. Everyone wants a nice job, but we must remember that the government cant provide a ” nice job ” to everyone.Its a fact we must respect. If you want it,you have to fight for it, and if you are unable to do so, we have to be content with the ones that is left behind. Eg,It is so much evident with the number of slots of PGDE not applied for, this year. All are applying for PGDPA or PGDFM despite knowing the fact that there is an intense competition.

  5. try for mp and nc its really a good adn easy job just b there for 5 years and one can use the earning for starting a new business.

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