PM JYT is in Bhutan

BBS Bhutan Broadcasting Service

Please note 23/10/2012 as the day BBS had a scoop. Its their only scoop in the history of the BBS. But this time they have made up for four years of sycophancy. They found the Prime Minister. They found him in the remote northern mountains of Bhutan. The PM breathlessly told the BBS he has been there the “past four years serving the poorest of the poor, the weakest of the weak and the remotest of the remote and the meekest of the meek. I did so without looking for any acclaim, all by myself without anybody knowing.”

All of a sudden, just like that, JYT is a son of the soil. He is the humble hiker, trudging along the high passes, struggling to reach village after village in his quest to cook a meal for every Bhutanese, clothe every child and tend to every sick and disabled person.

We must of course be stupid enough to miss his family in sunglasses, his ADC in a cap, his hangers-on in the background, and the endless line of ponies, porters and servants.

What JYT wants us to be believe is that he was always here, working for the people and struggling to reach everyone in every corner of Bhutan. And mind you, if you don’t keep your wits about you, another week or two of endless TV and newspaper space showing him doing this and we will begin to believe he has been here four years washing our clothes and cooking our meals and paying our bills.

Prepare to be hypnotized. Or should we say prepare to be drowned in bullshit.

Incidentally the host on BBS inadvertently revealed the PM had gone to China. He said, “The PM is now back in Bhutan…”. Then dutifully BBS played whatever video clips the PM’s family had recorded for them. The pictures tell the story of the PM’s long walk from the UN in New York to Thimphu via China. One day the movie will be called “4 years in Chinese Tibet”.

Palden Drukpa
This story from Palden Drukpa

Palden Drukpa is disgusted by this democracy farce in our beloved Bhutan. Palden Drukpa Gyelo!!!


  1. the most interesting part was when the english news reader said “PM is back in the country” the news reader thought he went to china….

  2. Why dont you call this website “Against JYT” rather than Bhutanomics…Bhutan is a sacred word for us. What better can you offer than spread negativity in the country?

  3. I have noticed that a lot of ministers have been going there this year…I wonder why?