US Twists Tiny Bhutan’s Arm

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US twists tiny Bhutan’s arm. The unreasonable power play by the US in reaction to the honourable Prime Minister’s (HPM’s) humanitarian mission for poor Bhutanese – by 10 Zing Goodpath of The Tibetan

In the honourable PM’s attempt to bring happiness to Bhutanese citizens by taking them to the promised land of the USA, he has angered the US government. The HPM had left behind in the US many members of his numerous delegations, to fulfill their dreams of living the American dream. It was a well planned decades long endeavor of the HPM in the interest of the Bhutanese people’s happiness. It is learnt that the HPM has left many Bhutanese there since the 80’s, during the time of his uncle Dago, uncle Om and during his stint as foreign minister. HPM had hoped that each new group he brought to the US would be cared for by the earlier groups as they sought peace and prosperity. This was quite successful, as most of them were from the same humble village and origins (as the HPM).

The US termed this “smuggling of aliens” and likened the HPM’s delegations to rogue delegations from African, South Asian and other 3rd world countries, where entire football teams or government delegations go missing once in the US. The US government has notified its embassies of the rogue status of the Bhutanese government and visa requirements have been made super secure to prevent the invasion of USA by Pema Gatshel residents.

10 Zing Goodpath asked the HPM whether it was true that the US required senior officials including ministers to sit for visa interviews following the discovery of the HPM’s humanitarian missions. The HPM said it had nothing to do with his humanitarian work, but the minister in question was actually involved in a certain land scam. “The US is very particular about criminals,” he said. (Goodpath caught the Attorney General almost swallowing his tongue in panic at the comment.)

10 Zing Goodpath
This story from 10 Zing Goodpath

10 Zing Goodpath is our ace sleuth reporter. Feared by all, this former freedom fighter, and now crime fighter writes for our weekly column “The Tibetan”.