Who Are Your Candidates

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT)

Save for the names of the parties that we have heard of for quite sometime now, there has been no development whatsoever since then.

Gauging by the people forming the parties, some of them, no doubt, will fizzle out.

While they have been of little interest anyway to the public, apparent from their responses that appeared in the various newspapers, we would like to know of those
that will actually stand in the fray.

If not all, we would like to know of a few candidates so as people might decide which parties are more credible, serious and above all those that are in, to promote democracy.

The Bhutanese custom of leaving for the umpteenth hour to make public one’s candidature should change with the sort of change that we have embraced.

The better and more we know of a potential political candidate earlier, including their beliefs, ideals and leadership, the better settled we are about a decision.

Electing candidates based on leadership a party provides, has not necessarily brought about improvements we believed it would.


Written by Drakpa for Kuensel


To all aspiring political parties and candidates: Do send us your profiles. We will be most happy to publish them on Bhutanomics. Contact us.


This story from Sonam Pem

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