You Can’t Touch This DPT

Jigme Y Thinley - U can't touch him

Recent instances have proven how this DPT government is highly allergic to accepting any blame and is also intolerant of criticism especially when the fault lies within.

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG), acting on a cabinet letter asking for legal clarification on the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) prosecution and suspension has now even questioned the right of the ACC to prosecute the Gyelpozhing case.

The actions of the OAG demonstrate in full, the government’s real attitude towards “zero tolerance towards corruption,” and also the fact that the government’s alleged support for the Anti Corruption organization is limited to only when ACC sticks to the small fishes.

The Prime Minister’s brazen claims that no laws were broken and conversely the ACC report that later said numerous laws were broken show, that the current government and its leaders are not willing to acknowledge any mistakes.

Even on an important issue of sovereignty and territorial integrity, over Chinese passports reflecting Bhutanese territory, the government has adopted an ostrich like approach preferring to ignore the issue and instead blaming this paper for bringing up the issue.

While all international governments, big and small, sharing boundaries with China have either remedied or acknowledged the problems reported by their local press on the issue, the DPT government has decided, once again to shoot the messenger and attack the press for pointing out the obvious.

Ironically under the era of absolute Monarchy, Bhutan’s boundary problems and issues were always transparently discussed in the then National Assembly and also widely reported in the press.

On the rupee crisis the main causes were lack of proper fiscal and monetary policy to rein in reckless lending and spending but the entire blame was put squarely on private spending and the private sector.

In the Chang Ugyen case, land was clearly grabbed as shown by a report, and subsequent National Land Commission (NLC) decision, but the government passionately defended him to the extent of the Prime Minister’s office writing a recommendation letter for him to the NLC.

When youth employment is the burning issue of the times the government has taken a very convenient stand of blaming the youth. Instead of examining our education policies, the state of the economy, the slow and bureaucratic system, and other issues, college graduates who studied to be doctors, engineers, civil servants, etc. are being blamed for not wanting to be farmers or clean waste.

Critical and investigative stories backed up by concrete proof and subsequent verification by ACC or Royal Audit Authority (RAA) reports are dismissed as “fiction” or “fabricated” stories, while government cheerleaders in the media come up with new terms like “bad media” with no evidence.

There is a virtual great wall built around our government which only lets in praise and sycophancy be it from among its own, the society or elements in media and blocks out all criticism.

However, the government’s problem is not just limited to not listening but it is has consistently demonstrated an increasing tendency to hit back.

Unable to accept or deal with a critical media, the government came up with a system of economic sanctions to punish critical media houses by misusing advertisement money.

The government branded the Opposition leader a virtual “Ngolop” for asking legitimate questions about the loss of the Security Council bid and asking for the expenditure to be made public.

The government has also used the OAG like a rubber stamp to undermine the ACC and its corruption probes on Gyelpozhing.

There has also been no hesitation to use untruths to blatantly attempt and defame its critics. Fantastic conspiracy theories are flown and defamatory lies spread about its critics.

Bhutanese democracy in this sense is headed down a unpredictable and dangerous path, with a government unable to handle criticism in a mature manner and with a habit of lashing out instead of addressing the issues at hand.



This story is by The Bhutanese titled Passing the buck.


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  1. bullshit writings

  2. Tashu Wangmo, what is so bullshit about hearing some hard truths about the way our govt. functions. If you have points to prove otherwise, I’m sure this forum will do you the justice.

  3. Government didn’t brand Opposition as Ngolop. There is huge difference between being ‘disloyal and unpatriotic’ and Terrorists or traitor. Please refer dictionary.

    What is ‘this paper’ means? Bhutanomics is not paper. If it is given in The Bhutanese, please add footnotes.

    OAG should also submit to court whether Cabinet can direct OAG to defend individual’s case or offer opinions on individuals’ behalf. If not ACC can petition on what ground can cabinet ask OAG to review individual case? OAG should have been with state/ACC all along.

    • …Now that’s reasonable thinking. Makes one think if the ‘Bhutanese’ is over the top of a personal war with the current government. And why does the current government not admit it has made mistakes? Gross ones at that.
      I also wonder what did the McKensey report say about the foreign exchange crises they saw approaching just around the corner? They and the ones who gave them their fees should have been ashamed to loot our valuable foreign reserves. A quickly diminishing one at that. By the way is this report available for public viewing?

  4. i just pray DPT loose in 2013. i always debate my dad for campaigning for J.Y.T in 2008 and sending me postal ballot during my college days.
    2013 will be a fatal blow for DPT, luckily m gathering civil servants from our (Nanong-Shumar-Zobel) constituency.
    The only way to bring J.Y.T to justice for misusing power is to make him loose in 2013. Whoever is standing as his opposition should convince the civil servants starting from lottery scam, rupee crunch, land scams, failed bid for UNSC member….. list goes on.

  5. Citizensconcern says:

    The known facts is that, if it was not for some ministers or speakers, the case would have been simple and solved either by ACC or OAG. No need of rectifying this writing; it brings clear naked truth to us. Thanks for writing.

  6. There cannot be a better party than DPT to run the government. I am 100 percent sure that DPT will come to power which is going to be good for the government.

    • I think there are truth in this article. However, truth is bitter and many find it difficult to digest. But we like it or not we have to live with it and use it to improve ourselves. Actually we have to thank them for pointing our mistake for improvement!

  7. All we do is blame…blame….don’t know where this country is going?

  8. i feel the author is trying to let people know the fact about the present govt. leaded by JYT….they will sooner or later face the reality…so be careful ppls while u use ur thumb next time.

  9. whatever bullshit you guys come up in this site, i have convinced my entire family that the 2013 vote should be for DPT. There are some draw backs from the government side but i can see lots of thing done by the current government in benefit of the public especially when it comes to our constituency. I don’t know about DPT’s winning but from our constituency DPT’s candidate will surely win. I have convinced most of the people in favour of DPT. Thumbs up!!!You guys keep complaining, i will keep campaigning…