I Left My Wife For Archery

Archery BhutanThey say archery is the biggest cause of divorce in Bhutan. It is also one of the main reasons for lack of productivity in the government. Ever been to a government office only to be told to come back another day because the official is out of station? Outta station my arse!!! He’s probably out playing archery. In 2013, there were close to 7 months of archery tournaments. For 2014, it is rumoured that archery might even cause diplomatic row for our country because our Foreign Minister is on the archery field more than in Chidrel Lhentshog.

In 2013:

April – Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Tournament (traditional bow) – 18 teams of 13 players each = 234 men / 30 days

June – K4 Coronation Cup – 30 teams of 13 players each = 390 men / 45 days

July – Yangphel Open Archery Tournament – 267 teams of 6 players each = 1602 men / 60 days

September – Coronation Cup – 38 teams of 13 players each = 494 men / 45 days

December – Druk Wangyel Archery Tournament (traditional bow) – 22 teams of 13 players each = 286 men / 30 days


>> Contributed by Waha Waha Ram Ji

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  1. asssssssssssss on pulok ge kulwa lesakawa.

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  3. Bhutanomics is a pertinent illustration of something that can motivate young Bhutanese since it reveals that criticizing is simply much more than recommending – actually, it’s more about encompassing the negativism and the potency to keep on writing dingy things, i.e., warts and all.
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    And whenever I tend to bend rules for good purpose I fear that Bhutanomics might post our image and would sabotage the image that is just growing and just the beginning. At any time, we could become victims even if we do not get corrupt by bending rules. In our society, we have to bend rules most of the time not because we get benefit from doing it but rules itself is unclear. For instance, if you are civil servant working in Dzongkhag, you will have to carry out activity which is not there in the rules but so much important for public through writing note sheet. You would be lucky if your note sheet is signed it immediately otherwise some boss keep checking grammar and sending back thereby hampering the progress of work.
    From the very onset of this website, I found myself being entertained by the crazy views expressed by Bhutanomics. In some cases, I even commented on the article, but the satirized editor had published the comment with photoshoped image. I wonder why and even worried that I might charged for defamation. At last, no one did it.
    Now the present ruling party is full of chicken-hearted people, I think Bhutanomics, being big fan of PDP would bring less negative issues unlike it did for DPT. Whatever may be, Bhutanomics must continue her works and let’s not hear news about Education city Project. We are fed up with that news and now please dig about Shingkhar-Gorgan road. Will present government continue building the road? Whatever present government opposes at this moment will be lifted in 2018 that is only if new government comes to power.
    So, Bhutanomics, good luck and continue with your work. Please inform BADPATH we have arranged a dinner at Lhamu Restaurant, which is on top Building of Guup Sonam Drukpa. We would love to eat and bills would be settled by Sonam himself.

  4. wtf! can’t u find the right pic?

  5. Bhutanese Spirit says:

    hahaha…he looks funny.

  6. There is serious dearth of accountability and transparency in our system.we ll never oppose him playing archery but he should b questionable for not attending to his work

  7. Unkel Pann says:

    LOL i wonder if these bastards go for actual archery or to leer and hopefully bed some of the singers/.dancers.