Letter to Acho Tshering Tobgay, the Prime Minister of Bhutan

Tandin Wangchuk

Dear Boss,

Before I sign on the contract agreement between you and my Ministry, I want to update you on the performance that I have achieved so far in my constituency:

1. You know that there was a recent issue on not having a chemistry teacher in Gaselo Higher Secondary School, for which you responded to the Kuensel reporter that we have enough teachers with 20:1 student teacher ratio. I found out that the teacher shortage was true so I transferred 2 of my supporter’s sons from Gaselo to Bajo Higher secondary school by making fictitious medical papers. You can confirm that with the Principal of BHSS because he gave me the idea to make the fictitious papers, for which if you inform ACC they will discover that it’s administrative lapse. I didn’t worry about other students because most of their families were not my supporters during my 2013 election. You will discover, that around 15 students left Gaselo because of not having good teachers and no one can help them except for the 2 students that I took under my personal care. Now the other parents are realising my power and I heard some want to vote for me in 2018.

2. As instructed, the work on the Wangdue Dzong reconstruction has started and it’s going on efficiently. Next to the Project Director that we brought from Pema Gatshel, we have two valuable supervisors (Wangdue PDP worker and Gasa PDP worker) that I have recruited directly as I am the chairman of the working committee. Two of the supervisors can certainly make difference for our next elections because they are suppose to look after the staffing and take charge of labourers at the construction site. Let me know if you want to provide work for some of your supporters who could not qualify in BOIC. Our BOIC CEO is crap because that fool Karma Tshering can’t handle corruption smoothly as I am doing here. You should give a round of applause for me because I am doing it without any HR or Managerial knowledge.

3. Lately, I organised a party workers meeting at our Dzongkhag PDP coordinators hotel. Sorry I could not implement austerity measures because I had to offer dinner and drinks. I have now strengthened the party base by forming an executive body and instructed them to start raising fund. There is nothing to worry about 2018 election except with the Present NC Tashi Dorji. He is affiliated to DPT and they are grooming him to be there candidate in 2018. Even though he is not as capable as me, he is fortunate to have a large family. I heard DPT is promising him a minister’s post. We must look out for this irri NC chap. This fool is trying to take the credit for whatever I am doing in my constituency like what the OL is doing in Bumthang. Boss you did a great job by informing the Bumthaps that you will leave it to the OL to handle the 11th FYP in Bumthang. Now Bumthaps will have to wait like the Buffalo waiting for the salt. I will also start saying the same thing like you did and bring down all other thotari parties.

That’s all for today from my side and I hope other colleagues are performing like me. Otherwise there is no use of signing the contract with all the Ministries and Dzongkhags, as our enemies will only against us due to travel expenses while in austerity mode.

Yours Sincerely

Tandin Wangchuk
Ministry of Health



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  1. Dickhead says:

    Fuck this minister

  2. Absoulate shit hole. His ass will be kicked soon !!!!! U thug !!!!!

  3. Finally here it starts………… should bhutanomics website be called unbiased one, things should happen this way………..

  4. It is agreed that frustration exists, but can we not put it in a bit better form, avoid derogatory remarks and the crude language? Good to criticize and express views but maintaining some decorum is desired. Hope bhutanomics will bring more ongoing issues…. let the masses be informed of the ill doing of anyone for that matter

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