5 Reasons Why Foreign Minister Could Have Missed The Flight To Varanasi

Foreign Minister Rinzin Dorji

Foreign Minister Rinzin Dorji missed the chartered flight from Delhi to Varanasi recently. As the guest of honour our Prime Minister was the last to board the flight as per protocol, officials assumed the foreign minister was already onboard. Later, it was learnt that Lyonpo never made it out of the Leela Palace Hotel.

So why do you think he missed the flight? We have come up with 5 likely reasons:

1- He didn’t want to miss Thimphu’s first snowfall.

2- He thought ISBT (Inter State Bus Terminus) was Inter State Boeing Terminus.

3- He couldn’t wear his gho on time without help.

4- He wanted to have the last laugh at the Delhi Laughter Club.

5- To celebrate Tshering Tobgay’s excellent speech at Vibrant Gujurat, he set his alarm to PM instead of AM.



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