What Are Your Deal Breakers?

Bhutan Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley

I was inspired after reading an article by someone who wrote of why it is necessary to sometimes vote against someone even if that person is heading the political party of your choice. Continue Reading

PM JYT is in Bhutan

BBS Bhutan Broadcasting Service

Please note 23/10/2012 as the day BBS had a scoop. Its their only scoop in the history of the BBS. But this time they have made up for four years of sycophancy. They found the Prime Minister. Continue Reading

Democracy and the People of Bhutan

Democracy and the People of Bhutan

Before our eyes and in our conscious always lies the presence of our beloved and mighty Kings, whose noble actions has kept us together as a nation. Their visions and deeds along with our forefathers to carry out all commands with dedication and loyalty has given us a nation that we can all be proud of today. Continue Reading

Urban Voting Centres?

Bhutan vote for election

Fed and starved. What’s the difference? An experiment on Bhutanese media mice.

The Kuensel’s 17/9 editorial says that in the interest of democracy, ECB must listen to government’s recommendation that urban voters should vote in urban centres with special facilities.

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