Who Are Your Candidates

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT)

Save for the names of the parties that we have heard of for quite sometime now, there has been no development whatsoever since then.

Gauging by the people forming the parties, some of them, no doubt, will fizzle out.

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Political Candidate’s Registration Dilemma

Election Commission of Bhutan

Many political parties have emerged within the last few months.

With that span of time, some have proven to grow more progressive in terms of finding candidates and members; a few are seemingly becoming more serious about the whole process; and others continue to be no more than a mere name.

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Postal Ballot Vote Bank

Bhutan postal ballot application form

In the beginning, when plans were first drawn to conduct the country’s first general elections in 2008, the postal ballot, or voting through post, was only meant for those on election duty. That was for around 5000 voters, mostly teachers, helping to man the 900 polling booths spread out across the country, and for the security personnel.

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