Bonus for RMA

Daw Tenzin RMACurrency guru Daw Tenzin has rewarded the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) staff with a bonus of one month’s salary. For the hard work in maintaining the financial health of our nation he said.Continue Reading

Thimphu: Now and Then


The upper picture is Thimphu from 2011. The lower picture is Thimphu from 2003.Continue Reading

Gho and Kira? So Uncool!

Doma TsheringA four member Bhutanese delegation led by the Ambassador of Bhutan to Thailand Kesang Wangdi (wearing Gho) attended the Asia-Pacific ministerial dialogue on – From the Millennium Development Goals to the United Nations Development Agenda beyond 2015 at the UN ESCAP Conference Centre in Bangkok.Continue Reading

Kuensel and BBS – that the nation shall be misinformed


The recent article in the Bhutanese about the disadvantage faced by private newspapers is true. Not so long ago the media and social media were threatened with “I will get you” which would have been OK if it was Robert Mugabe rather than a proponent of Happiness. Continue Reading

Dzongkha and the Bhutanese

The Bhutanese newspaper

How many of us read Dzongkha newspapers? Many of us ignore it even though the government spends huge amount in doing research to find ways for further promulgation.Continue Reading