Nubri Capital – Modern Day Robbers

Nubri CEO Sonam Tobgay
What is Nubri Capital?

Nubri Capital is a privately held Fund Management Bhutanese company. If you have cash to spare and don’t know what to do with it, you can ask Nubri to manage it for you. They will take your money, and make investments. Obiviously, all for a fee.
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Constructive Criticism for the Finance Ministry

Bhutan Austerity

Austerity is a measure that every individual and every institution has to exercise and practice now that the country is going through tremendous financial crunch and rupee crisis.

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Bhutan’s Economy Not in a Worst Case Scenario

Bhutan's foreign currency reserves - 2012
The country’s foreign currency reserve position which, according to one estimate, is short by around USD 20M, has elicited differing views, with some saying the economy is stuck in a rut, and others contending there is still room to use it.

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Letter from RMA Governor to PM

Daw Tenzin

Your Excellency, the Master of my brotherz Chang Ugyen and Zimba,

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11th Plan Bigger Than 10th Plan in Absolute Size

No money

The 11th Plan may be smaller in terms of “investment programmes” but in “absolute size,” it would be bigger than the 10th Plan, Gross National Happiness Commission Secretary Karma Tshiteem said.

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