5 Reasons Why Foreign Minister Could Have Missed The Flight To Varanasi

Foreign Minister Rinzin Dorji

Foreign Minister Rinzin Dorji missed the chartered flight from Delhi to Varanasi recently. As the guest of honour our Prime Minister was the last to board the flight as per protocol, officials assumed the foreign minister was already onboard. Later, it was learnt that Lyonpo never made it out of the Leela Palace Hotel.

So why do you think he missed the flight? We have come up with 5 likely reasons:

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The UN Rejects JYT In Favour of Pakistani Lady

jigmi y thinley

Bhutan’s self-proclaimed Happiness Man is rejected by the UN for a top job.

Pakistan’s Mrs. Shamshad Akhtar is the new head of UNESCAP, for which Jigmi Y Thinley  was heard boasting that it was his “kept stone”. Continue Reading

The Red Passport

Bhutan Red Passport

The red passport is an official travel document of immense importance. From all the passports, the red passport is accorded the highest privilege, as per internationally accepted norms. In our country, all passports are issues by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are about 1000 Bhutanese holding the coveted Red.

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India Upset With Jigmi Y Thinley and DPT

Irrespective of the results in Saturday’s election, the new Bhutan government will have to go the extra mile to end suspicion and distrust that cloud its relationship with India.Continue Reading

Bhutan to Suffer for Jigmi Y Thinley’s Greed

Jigmi Y Thinley and the DPT have messed up the excellent relationship with India that our beloved Kings have nurtured so painstakingly. We the common people now have to suffer for DPT’s mistakes. Read this story from Indian Express.Continue Reading