Master Zangley Dukpa

Zangley Dukpa

For a very average boy, he is quite full of himself. Very pompous. However, he seems to notice his own limitations and disguises it with expensive clothes, treats for classmates and by saying “thhhiiiirrr” for “the”. Continue Reading

Report Card of MPs of the 1st Parliament

Bhutan village school

With the end of their exams and holiday season coming early next year, many of them will have to look for new schools, so report cards are being compiled starting October.

UPDATED report cards can be found by clicking this link.

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Bhutan Faces Dollar Crunch

JYT Dollar

Bhutan Faces Dollar Crunch!!!…, says The Tibetan, an investigative journalism paper with reporter 10 Zing Good Path.

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Letter from Cabinet Secretary to the Prime Minister


My most respected Prime Minister Lyonchhenla,

I am deeply honoured to be on the same delegation as Lyonchhenla to India and UN. Even if I have submitted personally my loyalty and dedication to you many times I have written this letter. Obama is speaking but he is nothing compared to Lyonchhenla, so I refuse to listen and I am writing.

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A Normal Working Day in the Life of DPT Cabinet

Bhutan Pedestrians Day
While planning world domination with GNH, they (DPT) still have to run Bhutan.

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