Bhutan Faces Dollar Crunch

JYT Dollar

Bhutan Faces Dollar Crunch!!!…, says The Tibetan, an investigative journalism paper with reporter 10 Zing Good Path.

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Letter from Cabinet Secretary to the Prime Minister


My most respected Prime Minister Lyonchhenla,

I am deeply honoured to be on the same delegation as Lyonchhenla to India and UN. Even if I have submitted personally my loyalty and dedication to you many times I have written this letter. Obama is speaking but he is nothing compared to Lyonchhenla, so I refuse to listen and I am writing.

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A Normal Working Day in the Life of DPT Cabinet

Bhutan Pedestrians Day
While planning world domination with GNH, they (DPT) still have to run Bhutan.

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OAG = Blind as a Bat

OAG - Blind as a bat

Readers, when you google this and click on the first link, this is what you find as the possible meanings of the idiom.

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China Daily Interviews Bhutan Prime Minister J Y Thinley

Jigme Thinley and Wen Jiabao

Nobel Peace Prize winner Lyonchhen’s interviews where his humility shines through. During a recent interview to the China Daily, PM Lyonchhen J Y Thinley spoke about the beauty of democracy in Bhutan and China.

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