ACC to Prosecute Gyalpozhing Land Case

Gyalpozhing land case

From Anti-Corruption Commission’s website (ACC):

The Commission will prosecute the Gyalpozhing land case. Continue Reading

Ministers VOLUNTARILY Forced to Return Land

For once The Bhutanese newspaper was pro-government along with the other papers. Continue Reading

Government and Private Sector Leaders Celebrate

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI)

Look at the picture above.

Is it a marriage? A celebration of good fortune such as a promotion or a lottery win? No. Wait for this – it’s a crisis meeting!

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GNH Ambassador For Life?

GNH ambassador Jigme Thinley

PM JYT desires a lifelong ambassador of GNH title and privileges. Anyone who had doubts should read the Times of India article below. Continue Reading

Opposition’s Statement on Bhutan’s Foreign Policy

Tshering Topgay
UN General Assembly voted (on 18th October) to elect non-permanent members to the UN Security Council. Bhutan, along with Cambodia and South Korea, competed for a single vacancy for the Asia Pacific Group of countries.

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