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  • Dasho Benji is the national traitor of Bhutan. DPT is an ass whole.
  • It is very sad to see such things happening in our small society. Dasho Benji should not have made such a comments in the first place and then DPT should have ignored thsi is dividing the society further with such charges and counter charges. What ever happened or not happened should be behind us now and it is time we work together. We should move forward and we are a small society and it very important that we stays united. If this is freedom of speech and democracy and free for all, then we need to think ourselves whether we want such things at all. For us, we would like to see politics as a tool to deliver much need services to the people and not play people around against each other. Without peace, harmony and trust in a small and vulnerable society like ours, we are doomed and if democracy s going to take away these very essential ingredients, then we do not want anything in the name of democracy. One should keep in mind that democracy was introduced to provide a forum to share our needs and find solution to deliver on our common interest. It is not to be used as a platform to enrich few individuals and not to be used as a platform to victimise. So my request is learn from our past mistakes,let us live together, improve for the common good. forget and stop digging who is behind who, use merit based and meritocracy as criteria. Let us work together so that one day people could sit together and share their likings and dislikes on political ideology with fear and favour. l
  • The writer here is only from on one side of the coin. If Dasho Benji is regarded and recognized as a distinguished senior citizen, then why he had to brag and remark with such a childish comment on DPT? Why can't he make the same comment on PDP? Every Bhutanese citizen knows about the line drawn from above by a group of people bullying us. It is not a good sign for our future. If the citizens feel injustice, there is no country and no leader. Bhutan is a small country which could easily vanish into a thin air if it faces a serious political instability.
  • that Kazi boy is a young kid. The little boy lost his father and now his whole family is fighting over the major estates left by his father. Have some empathy and try not to stigmatize children who have to grow up in a small society. He was born into privilege by his own karma so stop such petty attacks. The fact you would even put such a young child into your own pass-time entertainment and outpour of your own life's frustration is disgusting. Leave children out and have some honor
  • Wai, interesting. I think everybody has been rewarded for what you have done for this nation (good or bad). Now it's high time that our ex. seniors should not put their feet every where. If you do so, you get shit on your feet. Therefore, you better do some social work if you can or just do your own things. Let our dynamic politicians deal with it and if they can't then our younger generations of this nation will. Bhutanese are not stupid and they are smarter than before.
  • Ok- Please investigate this goonda thoroughly and punish him if found guilty. But please do not forget or compromise behind the scene since the present govt has many things to compromise as well. Please do not forget to follow and update on the RMA case. Daw tenzin should pay for enjoying the garden of eden and make him pay fast before he dies a natural death. Eden should pay for the sin and infact she is the root of all three evils (other dy. governor included). Dasho Benji should learn the difference between freedom of expression and expression of accusation and defamation. he took so long to learn the difference, Please teach him. Please look into the appointment of board of directors in the DHI companies and see their relevance and relation to DHI chairman. His chamchas and relatives are being rewarded as directors without any merit. Just one example is the appointment of Director RCSC (fly trapper) as board of director in the Druk Air Corporation. On what merit except he is related to Chairman of DHI. If this government is serious to corrects the many wrongs of the previous government, then one is to look at this man in the RCSC. He failed the RCSC and joined teaching in 1995. Suddenly from nowhere he was brought into RCSC as examination officer (post created for him) to conduct RCSC for graduates. Hw irony? an RCSC failure has been selected and appointed as RCSC conductor. see our rotten system and what the DPT did. After some time, RCSC created a post for him to be the chief of HRD division nad he was selected and appointed. Further, they created a post of director and he was selected as director. He superseded all his batchmates and most of his seniors in college and selected in the RCSC exams. This is how the story goes in our system. No body questions and now he is board of director to Druk air and uses all his authority to appoinnt and promote his people. This is bhutan and this is our civil service. So sad and yet no one to look into this and check. Previous govt should answer and RCSC should account. it was good that RCSC com. members were not given any task but that is not enough.
  • TTANGBI has a good bird's eye view only. WOW.
  • Dasho Benji should take this case to ICJ for violation of fundamental human rights.
  • Fundamental human rights. DPT/PDP still thinks same old ways.
  • Quite informative article. Thanks !
  • Definitely looks like one... I agree with sang.. Justice has to be done. However I am just wondering why land commission regularize the anamolly of 0.02 acres became 3.02 acres. Were they sleeping or is there a collusion ?
  • he looks like a bad ass crook.
  • If God did not want us sheared, he would not have made us sheep.
  • The next party who says anything about pay raise, I will not vote that party!
  • Why have you stopped from being analytical, now. Come on Bhutannomics, show your true colours and take Bhutan forward. You are the voice of the people &. not to lick the current governments ass. Many things are going array and peoples voices poured in the media are not heard! I do not want to see my country like many historical unfortunate events. There is limit in everything and human beings are the most dangerous animals in this world.