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  • Quite informative article. Thanks !
  • Definitely looks like one... I agree with sang.. Justice has to be done. However I am just wondering why land commission regularize the anamolly of 0.02 acres became 3.02 acres. Were they sleeping or is there a collusion ?
  • he looks like a bad ass crook.
  • If God did not want us sheared, he would not have made us sheep.
  • The next party who says anything about pay raise, I will not vote that party!
  • Why have you stopped from being analytical, now. Come on Bhutannomics, show your true colours and take Bhutan forward. You are the voice of the people &. not to lick the current governments ass. Many things are going array and peoples voices poured in the media are not heard! I do not want to see my country like many historical unfortunate events. There is limit in everything and human beings are the most dangerous animals in this world.
  • My middle finger to the article.
  • where is the fucking Sangay Nidup gone, brother of fucking Ugyen Tsechub?
  • jdea kiss my ass. chew my nuts. pdp news agent, bhutanomics
  • Do you know how much bribe the other prime ministers get ? Do you know a lot of these politicians own Swiss bank accounts to stash away their millions of dollars in bribes lol and you think politicians would even reveal their real income . Bhutan's is highest yet closet to the the honest hahaha
  • Pay Hike…please do not let that inflation overcomes you, even by a default! Good news! Apparently, after the airing of news for salary increment and recommendation of other allowances by the Finance Minister in the Parliament, civil servants were much elated, at least the inflation caused by the forming the Pay Commission few months back could be neutralized, in case, market unbridled inflation does not take place, hereafter. I am pretty sure that many civil servants must not be aware of the amount of loans that the government has, in figures. It is very alarming when looking at the figures, and if the amounts of loans are divided among our society each person will have to pay not less than three lakhs. But, how many of us think in that way? The salary, even after increment will surely be not enough; the cost escalation will kill us, and bags of money will be spent on a few chunks of goods. There is a more increment for higher level than lower level, though the latter deserves the maximum. The only notion that we need to have is changing our attitude and content with what we have at present. The money will come in and will go out in bags just to get a few grams of goods. I am sure that value of money will go down. So, friends, give a look at the following figures; it is in Billion, where 1 Billion = i.e. 1,000,000,000.00 = Nu. 1000 million (1 Million = 1,000,000.00) Status of our Loan Total Debt by the End of the Eleventh Five Year Plan, i.e. in 2018: Nu. 258.8 Billion Rupee Loan: 73% (258.8*73/100) = Nu. 188.92 Billion (To the government of India in 2018) Therefore, the amount of loan in Million at the end of 11th five year plan: Nu. 2,58, 800.00 Million. Amount of Loan/Number of Population = (2,58, 800.00/790,215.00) *1000= Nu. 327,505.80 Source: Projected population at the end of 11th five year plan (as per Statistical Yearbook of Bhutan, 2007), i.e. 2018 Male: 409,474.00 Female: 380,741.00 Total: 790,215.00 Figure interpretation 1. At the end of eleventh five year plan the total debt that every Bhutanese share is Nu. 327,505.80 each. This excludes the loans that the government may take during the phase of the plan’s execution hereafter; 2. The Hydropower project loan constitutes the most and as of June 30, 2013 there were Nu. 94.54 Billion, i.e. 57%; 3. The Debt to GDP ratio should be maintained at 60% as per European Union Standard; however, our present ratio stands at 92%, and will cross to 123% at the end of 11th five year plan. There are chances that if debt management strategies are maintained properly the beast of burden for our future generations will increase; and 4. According to our Constitution the internal recurrent expenditures should be met from internal sources itself. As mandated the 2010-2011 fiscal year was achieved, but failed in 2011-2012 with a shortfall of 847 million. And, during the present Parliament, the Finance Minister did not reveal whether the recurrent expenditures were able to meet from internal sources during the 2012-2013 financial year; and 5. Government needs to further re-prioritize the capital activities that are under external funding, and loans from external sources should be kept at halt, at least to revive our economy. After the Pay Commission was formed few months back the repercussion on market was felt by many of us. The cost escalation has been eventful and challenging for all of us. The inflation after the forming of Pay Commission and a second after the Pay hike will definitely kill many of our civil servants. We have met the huge challenge of ability to depend on the meager amount of salary and with lots of empty stomachs to be fed every day. In fact, none of our civil servants have asked for pay hike or initiate Housing Allowance, even though the time was already arrived. It was all promises of the present government. As a concerned citizen of Bhutan, I, always feel that when such pay hike is taken place, certain slew of measures must be placed on the open market. Otherwise, the hike will be just adequate to cover up the gap between the actual cost of goods sold and inflation after the increment. By: Samten Lhundrup Dorji
  • I hope India will not know that Bhutanese PM salary is more than Indian PM's, otherwise they will withdraw the financial assistance they give.
  • It's not surprising about the Bhutan' s prime minister salary as the highest in south Asian region
  • We all know how PDP got into power and how it always enjoyed a favored status, albeit not the popular choice. However on the flip side JYT was a megalomaniac and really had to go. Unfortunately he dragged down DPT with him and we lost a whole group of capable senior officials. Perhaps next time around if they are still able and willing, they will form a good party that will truly serve Bhutan. I'm hopeful that this period during which our former Lynpos have time to reflect, digest the humiliation, and experience the daily toil of ordinary citizens will be a time for renewal and rebirth. The last thing this country needs and can ill afford is parasites with special agendas and greed.
  • If Massive didn't want salary raise, why was the charade taking place during the NA deliberation. These blood suckers could have actually declined the ridiculously high raise during the Cabinet meeting. Massive thinks the Bhutanese public are stupid or what? Its sad that PDP is incompetent and now it is showing.


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