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  • what a sad turn of events!!
  • It doesn't take much sense to note that, JYT is a bad ASS Bhutanese, but look around, there aren't any Bhutanese that are any better than JYT himself. Given a chance all will walk that same path ??
  • PM might need to be surrendered too. Although I voted our PM and his party, I am starting to have doubts with him. I have supported most of his policies and decisions. But lately, I have found him to be going the same way as others before him. I had misgivings of his performance agreements with the different Dzongdas and Ministries. I guess it is his initiative to get everyone to do their jobs. Having said that, all signing the agreement kind of made it seem like if one party cannot fulfill the damn agreement he would have defaulted and can be penalized under law. I am of the impression that every Dzongda or every minister by virtue of his high post has to fulfill a certain responsibility whether or not he signs it. So to me signing such an agreement is a waste of time an energy. And his decision to surrender the three hapless secretaries to the RCSC was a hasty decision to say the least. It made it seem like the PM wanted to be seen as a man who made urgent and critical decisions.... the buck stops here thing. But to me, it looked like a hasty one… and we all know what haste makes. Perhaps the PM wanted to stay away of the corruption scandals plaguing the construction industry and say (to the bureaucrats in South Block) his office was unaware…. but in doing do it only highlighted his vulnerability and inexperience. One would have expected him to be patient and slow. There was nothing a tete-a-tete could not have solved. It would have saved all the hullabaloo. He should sometimes learn to listen to his elders. (If he came to me, I’d pull his ears). Perhaps after one year of office his enthusiasm is waning and is heading in the wrong direction. But who will tell him that the emperor has no clothes on? Bhutanomics??
  • So what.. his mother is a Bhutanese, father doesn't matter.
  • Vibrant Tshering Tobgay, his speech was not bad but he said democracy came to Bhutan without any struggle. He is wrong. He should read all the news paper coverage, national and international on the struggle since 1990. He should not forget at least 1500 southern Bhutanese were put behind bars in 1990 read Amnesty International report, why? Read the human rights reports published by international organizations why tens of thousands of southern Bhutanese were kicked out of the country because Jigme wanted to root out every family that was associated with the democratic struggle in Bhutan. Do not say again next time democracy was a gift from king that is a lie and a distortion of the fact. Do not follow JYT who started this rhetoric.
  • I hate this man, anti-Lhoshampas, he is a crook actually he should be tried in democratic Bhutan for violating the human rights of southern Bhutanese. He will never be forgiven for what he did to Lhotsmapas. He is so power crazy.
  • It would make a very interesting story, if Bhutanomics could investigate on all the Successful Ugyens in Bhutan, like Ugyen of Ugen Trading House, Ugyen of Yangki Automobiles, Ugyen of Jichu Drake, on how they have managed to amass such wealth and property, Could be Chang Ugyen sold them some copies of his Dummies.
  • Lol got to give Massive due credit for bringing JYT down to earth. Sad part is Massive himself is very much like JYT, albeit a bit more sly and cunning. First JYT, then Massive .... I wonder which selfish sociopath will be next PM?
  • Long live His Majesty. A source of inspiration, and pride. Truly the very definition of a Great King and the bestower of the peace, prosperity and happiness that we have enjoyed in Bhutan's Modern Era.
  • Benji is just a chamcha and a fool. He used to be thick with JYT and DPT when they were in power and now he's playing up to PDP and their backer. Just look at his personal life - 2 divorces, problem with alcohol, and unfortunately his younger son passed away. More than anything I'd say cuts a pathetic figure and an example of how a privileged life can be wasted if u have no sense.
  • U are part of the shifty lot. If u eat Massive's PDP shit enjoy it. If you can think, observe and reflect then you realize just how shitty things are becoming .... Anyways I suggest that u hang around Bhutan Tourism office, cause u can meet Ur hero there - he visits his gf quite often - head of tourism. Am sure First Lady Mrs.Massive knows, unless she too is complete idiot.
  • What about Yab, LSN, Zimdra, Lhaki Company, and their PDP puppets led by their stooge Massive (big chamcha to LSN in 1990s and early 2000s)? Idk if u idiots are too thick to realize that they are all (including JYT and friends) of similar nature ..... doing great job of destroying all the good that K4 did for us.
  • But his Johny walkers model was too much for many of us. He blatantly showed that we have some rancid butter and cheese in his bag and heart.
  • This Sithey in immigration and census keep digging about census of poor southern people BUT anyone dear to ask him about his grand son census , his daughter wangmo's son born in Australia from Australian. Who dare to speak in this Matter.? No one ,,even Bhutanomic.


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