Bhutanomics is Blocked in Bhutan

Bhutanomics banned
Inability to access the Bhutanomics website by Druknet customers, has raised allegations that the internet service provider (ISP) is blocking the website.

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The People’s Powers and the Prophecy

Jigme Y Thinley

Many eons ago when the heavens unleashed power onto humans below, two men fought over it. The Gods intended the power to go to all the people equally but these two wanted it for themselves.

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No Silver Bullets for Bhutan’s Rupee Crisis

Rupee crisis Bhutan

I was recently asked by a Member of Parliament in Bhutan what immediate actions I would take to control what is locally known as the “rupee crisis”. Continue Reading

May Justice Prevail in Gyalpoizhing

Chief Justice of Bhutan

The unfolding scenes and stories on the Gyalpoizhing land scam, so it is stated in the media, is a drama that will have far reaching consequences.

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Karma Tshering is Ruining Bank of Bhutan

Karma Tshering Bank of Bhutan

Lyonpos, Dashos, Sirs and Madams, and my fellow citizens,

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