Whither Minjur?

DPT kissing ass

Where shall Lyonpo Minjur go? What shall he do? Followed orders from his superiors and now finds himself carrying the penalties for their crime. Unfair? Angry? Yes but what can he do?

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Doma Tshering – Bhutan’s Future Foreign Secretary

SAARC Foreign Secretaries

Kudos !!! Bhutanomics, our very own Nostradamus with predictions of Doma Tshering as Bhutan’s future Foreign Secretary is already coming true with her getting selected as the director of MDA, through a so called open competition (ha ha ha). Continue Reading

My Gyalpozhing


The flapping of the dragon flies and the huge sound of Dirmung river triggers the poor villagers to nurture and nourish their magnificent land (now no more), which is a half day expedition from their hamlet. Continue Reading

GNH – Caption Contest

Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Unsigned graffiti art / street art found on a wall in the alley between Clock Tower Square and Changlimithang. What is the artist trying to express? Please comment to express yourself…, no prize for winning!!!

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Letter from Ace Kinley and Karma Ura to the PM

GNH Conference
Your gracious Excellency the Honourable Lyonchhen of Bhutanese Democratic Government,

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