Tenzing Lamsang can Never be Jigme Y Thinley

Tenzing Lamsang and Jigme Thinley
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Letter From Vice Chancellor to Directors

Vice Chancellor Pema Thinley

Dear Directors and my old friends of the RUB,

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JYT – The High and Mighty!

Jigme Y Thinley

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Letter to the Office of the Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General (OAG)

Dear OAG,

As a concerned citizen and not as puppet of the Prime Minister Jigme Y Thinley and the DPT government, I would like you to go through the following points.

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Dawai Kudroen: ACC Plans to Fix OAG, Gangnam Style

Dasho Neten Zangmo

A reproduction of interview between BBS’ Dawa and ACC Chairperson, Dasho Aum Neten Zangmo, in Dawai Kudroen.

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