The Truth About Foreign Postings

Ambassador Dawa Penjo
The present government must look into the staffing of all our embassies around the world. Continue Reading

Constructive Criticism for the Finance Ministry

Bhutan Austerity

Austerity is a measure that every individual and every institution has to exercise and practice now that the country is going through tremendous financial crunch and rupee crisis.

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All Those Useless Farm Roads

National Environment Comission of Bhutan

In continuation to the Sleazy Secretary’s story – let us go back to his Serbithang days (and nights) with the construction of the National Biodiversity Centre. He was the Program Director and the Chairman of the Tender Awarding Committee. Continue Reading

RMA – The Garden of Eden

Eden Dema RMAIn the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA), all projects under the ADB and World Bank are handled by Eden Dema as project manager. Eden is also the Deputy Governor of RMA. Continue Reading

Bonus for RMA

Daw Tenzin RMACurrency guru Daw Tenzin has rewarded the Royal Monetary Authority (RMA) staff with a bonus of one month’s salary. For the hard work in maintaining the financial health of our nation he said.Continue Reading