Master Nandalal Rai

Nandalal Rai

A nice boy. Very much like Minjur, but more sporty. In fact good at sports. I thought he would be a leader in school because of his skills at sports. Continue Reading

Master Khandu Wangchuk

Khandu Wangchuk

Lively. Talkative. Sometimes he can be a bit cynical. He finds it difficult to acknowledge other children’s strengths and qualities. Very shrewd. He will find a way to befriend the most knowledgeable student for any homework or test preparation.Continue Reading

Master Minjur Dorji

Minjur Dorji
You can hear Minjur but not see him. The only time one actually sees him is at assembly. Always first in line given his short stature. Very humorous and sweet. A nice boy. Continue Reading

Master Wangdi Norbu

Wangdi Norbu

Who? I remember reading out his name for class attendance at the start of the year. I stopped because i never heard a reply. I thought his parents had taken him home or to another school. Sorry.

Continue Reading

Master Dorji Wangdi

Dorji Wangdi

Ever since Class 1 this boy has looked the same. He seems fully grown yet he should be growing. He looks mature yet he is a child. Continue Reading