Bhutan Does Not Make It To The United Nations Security Council

Bhutan United Nations Security Council
– Based on 10 Zing Goodpath’s investigative work at the UN

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No Job No Happiness

no job in bhutan
Dear every one,

Today I am writing my feeling and what I am going through. I am a graduate and my friends and me cannot find work anywhere. Continue Reading

US Twists Tiny Bhutan’s Arm

Stop illegal immigrants
US twists tiny Bhutan’s arm. The unreasonable power play by the US in reaction to the honourable Prime Minister’s (HPM’s) humanitarian mission for poor Bhutanese – by 10 Zing Goodpath of The Tibetan

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Letter from Dago Tshering, Special Envoy of the PM

Dago Tshering

Your Excellency the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bhutan (and my dear nephew cum brother-in-law),

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The JYT Factor for Bhutanese Democracy

Jigmi Y Thinley

Principles and ideology of democracy are to create collective leadership based on quality and capability. Every individual in a nation has the power to shape the future of that nation. Continue Reading