A Normal Working Day in the Life of DPT Cabinet

Bhutan Pedestrians Day
While planning world domination with GNH, they (DPT) still have to run Bhutan.

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OAG = Blind as a Bat

OAG - Blind as a bat

Readers, when you google this and click on the first link, this is what you find as the possible meanings of the idiom.

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China Daily Interviews Bhutan Prime Minister J Y Thinley

Jigme Thinley and Wen Jiabao

Nobel Peace Prize winner Lyonchhen’s interviews where his humility shines through. During a recent interview to the China Daily, PM Lyonchhen J Y Thinley spoke about the beauty of democracy in Bhutan and China.

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PM Causes Problems for Druk Air

Bhutan PM shopping

Our ace reporter 10 Zing Goodpath will have a weekly column called “The Tibetan”. This is the first investigative journalism report by this crime fighter, former freedom fighter.

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PM Rushes to Bhutan


The honourable Prime Minister made an emergency visit to Bhutan. A whistle-stop tour as they say. Upon alighting from the newly minted Tashi Air international plane, he spoke to important sycophants accompanying him, sycophantic VIPS receiving him and trampled upon sycophants of the civil aviation dept carrying his bags. Oh I forgot the clueless press people, bullied into sycophancy.

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