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Bhutanomics is an online news portal which aims to provide quick updates on Bhutan’s socio-political affairs from an unique and interesting perspective. We are a non-partisan website which allows individuals to express their opinion on political issues and current affairs freely without any form of censorship.

We are not funded by any political organizations or company, and our only source of income is through contributions by well wishers, which is then used to cover our cost of webhosting and domain registration.

We focus only on news which are of interest to Bhutan instead of the mundane run-of-the-mill stuff. Rather than following the mainstream media for leads, we set the agenda ourselves to bring you to new terrains not explored by anybody else.

Funded and run independently by a group of freelance writers, we are not linked to any political parties or blogs.

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  1. I am still wondering how a criminally charged elected leader can appear in court in full official(political regalia) with ministerial uniform like the Speaker and the Home Minister? Anything the judiciary has to say about this incongruity?

  2. Why Bhutanomics clarifying time and again that they are not linked with any political parties? No smoke without fire!

  3. An unique and interesting perspective indeed !!!! A false fodder for the naives. Journalism has ethics to inform the readers the truth, don’t feed people with false allegations – be it PDP or DPT. And non-partisan ????? SORRY, you are outright lopsided and you may soon go off balance.
    I am a patriotic Bhutanese and you are neither my voice nor my fart. You are a dangerous twister up rooting the very core of the Bhutanese being. Finally, to say the least, I am the non-partisan here, not funded by anyone to write this comment and this is my voice – you blemish journalism.