75 Year Old Impregnates 17 Year Old Student

In what is another story about a young girl robbed of her innocence, a 17-year old girl has been impregnated by a 75-year old man.

The victim, a class VII student of a school in Thimphu dzongkhag is eight and a half months pregnant and is carrying twins.

On the night of June 5, the victim had complained to her mother that her legs have been swollen. The mother told her that this happens when one is pregnant. The next morning, the mother and daughter went to the JDWNR hospital. An ultrasound was conducted where it was confirmed that the girl was eight and a half months pregnant and was carrying twins.

Initially, the victim was reluctant to reveal the name of the father. When she did, the mother was “shocked,” sources said. The victim’s family works for the suspect’s son-in-law.

Bhutan TODAY learnt that the victim was lured by the suspect. “She was occasionally given money.” Moreover, the victim’s parents did not know that their daughter was pregnant.

The case was not reported to any authority by the parents or the victim. Sources said they were trying to solve the issue internally and that the victim had just turned 17 this January.

Bhutan TODAY also learnt that the suspect is ill and bed ridden.


by Bhutan TODAY


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  1. Kalikhola Kid says:

    A case for NCWC or RENEW or Tarayana to look at. Now DNA tests have proved beyond any doubt that the old man is the father, I wonder how justice will be meted out?