A Normal Working Day in the Life of DPT Cabinet

Bhutan Pedestrians Day
While planning world domination with GNH, they (DPT) still have to run Bhutan.

Government on high alert for Pedestrian Day protest

With the nation in a state of high alert and armed police guarding all entrances into town, the media asked the PM why the government was so worried about a pedestrian day protest which will never happen. Why was the government not on the highways protecting travellers from the landslides and road blocks due to the heavy rains?

“It is more important to make sure people walk when told to walk than to protect those on the highways who are allowed the luxury to drive,” said Nandalal Rai. “We cannot do anything about rainfall, marey. But we can monitor whether you are walking to protect globe’s environment.”

The PM quickly deflected by asking for other questions.

Why is it that the ministers have a luxury bus on pedestrian day instead of walking?

The PM replied, “There are serious threats to our lives. So to reduce the costs of having to be bodyguarded we decided we will do the country a favour and travel humbly by bus. I am not fearful so I still cycle in the open.”

But nobody knows any of you outside Bhutan or even outside Thimphu? Why you are under threat, sirs?

Wai, ignorant reporter, don’t say such things against the nation and democracy,” said Khandu. “We are a famous country. Our PM is one of the most talked about leaders in the world. Every convention they always ask if JYT is speaking or not. If our PM can drag this tiny little country on to the world stage singlehandedly then we nine cabinet ministers easily shine in his shared glory. We are all famous, Bhutan, the ministers and the people of Bhutan, because of our PM’s achievements on the world stage. So we are under threat.”

The media said they have strayed from the pedestrian day issue.

The PM interjected, “No, we have not. It means the ministers are too prominent to walk on Pedestrian day. Also the Pedestrian day shows the way Bhutan is different. All countries should be able to tell their citizens to do something and citizens should obey without protest. I told ministers to implement pedestrian day. I don’t need to consult the parliament because just now they are young and inexperienced and just learning their jobs. If this was possible everywhere like in Bhutan, then the world can be run by experienced and knowledgeable prime ministers like me. We don’t need to spend money on paying for parliament, local government, civil service, unions, zomdus, election commission and ACC and all. We just need one powerful leader, one party and obedient police force.”

Like China, sir?

“Yes, like China. By the way I am not just sir. Title is Lyonchhen…”

Pedestrian Day is small issue sir. What about rupee crisis? If you have all the power, you can solve the crisis by telling everyone what to do, right sir?

“What rupee crisis? It is private sector imagination. Even, if there is rupee crisis it existed before we came to power.”

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".