ACC to Prosecute Gyalpozhing Land Case

Gyalpozhing land case

From Anti-Corruption Commission’s website (ACC):

The Commission will prosecute the Gyalpozhing land case. The Office of the Attorney General returned the case to the Commission on September 19, 2012. The Commission reviewed the laws, examined their relevant provisions and applicability to the case and consolidated charges for prosecution.


From BBS website (14 Nov, 2012):

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) will prosecute the Gyalpoizhing land case. The commission registered over 70 cases under Gyalpoizhing land scam in Monggar Dzongkhag court yesterday.

The case was first forwarded to the Office of Attorney General by the Anti-Corruption Commission on August 3, 2012. The Office of Attorney General, however, returned the case to the Commission on September 19, 2012 saying there is no basis to pursue the case.

The Commission reviewed the laws, examined their relevant provisions and applicability to the case and consolidated charges for prosecution.

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  1. Wamrong-warrior says:

    I think this is the right thing to do by the ACC. Like many others, I got the impression that the guilty were going to get away with it and that the Gyepshing case would die a natural death. Most of the victims would have been hesitant to voice their grievances for fear of going against the powerful and wealthy new owners. We need answers and the whole country wants answers. To me, “giving back” something which did not belong to you in the first place or something you got by dubious means, is not the answer and does not cleanse the culprits of their sins.

  2. yes this is the right thing to do. Kudo to ACC and its team for the brave work. You have the support of public so please go ahead. The govt. must stand by the ACC and not with the corrupt one because you are the govt of the the people.
    To set the right tone and foundation for a pure and fair society those guilty must be punished appropriately.

  3. The decision of the ACC to prosecute the defendants is laudable. However according to the kuenselonline
    Report, only three people have been criminally charged. I wonder if the rest will get away even though they are equally culpable for knowingly and willingly violating HM’ Kasho and deriving percunary benefits. Were not some other cabinet minsters; who had also been cabinet ministers then, indicted?

  4. The suspension order issued by ACC is well deserving, especially people like the present homeminister who became minister by default…. And you can now see how corrupted these people are…so selfish I believe he has already completed a tourist resort in tashi gang area once he became minister…. These kind of actions only proves that these people are there to take advantage of the post for their personal n selfish benitis not to serve the people…

    So we have to learn and be careful in the upcoming election…. Most importantly not to vote for selfish people that also probable of becoming an minister….

  5. Kudos to Dasho Neten and your team at ACC,
    You are making history in Bhutan. This brave action of yours will have long term positive consequences in the future of our country. You are sending a very strong message to all those corrupted people that none is above the law of the country. You are also seen to apply the law uniformly to all irrespective of individual status in society. This is good news for all law abiding and peace loving citizen of the country although it is bad news for few affected individual and the present government.This is indeed a big blow to Lyn, JYTs image as the head of the govt. who himself is implicated in the case.
    Now the ball is in the Royal court of Justice, Mongar. We hope the drangpon there will also live up to the expectation of the people of Bhutan and deliver justice without fear or favour in the interest of our future and collective good.
    All the best to the aggrieved party, and they should be given every opportunity to defend themselves in open and transparent manner.

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