BBS Dawa – A Biased Moderator

Dawa is a biased referee

As BBS’s Dawa continues to exercise his powers as the most visible media face in the country, and the more biased he becomes, it is necessary to extend a reply to him after every program worth replying to. Thus we start this new column.

Sunday’s session on whether many political parties or fewer are better for the country clearly showed he was advocating fewer parties. He was also providing valuable airtime to DPT’s Gado Tshering (ex-health secretary). Did you notice how Gado could speak on and on with no interruption while callers and other panelists were repeatedly cut short?

Dawa’s monologues were redundant. He spoke of a small population getting too many parties and candidates. How many parties or candidates are needed is not something for him to decide. If parties are formed and can pass the stringent Election Commission of Bhutan’s (ECB) criteria, they get registered. Simple as that. New parties and candidates will think they can do a better job or serve the people better than the existing ones. The existing ones such as PDP and DPT will think they are good enough and Bhutan doesn’t have space for more parties. For example, DPT thinks the government is rich enough for State Funding for Political Parties but not rich enough to support new and young parties and candidates?

Ultimately who gets elected will depend on the people. How many parties start the race is up to the laws in place and at the moment, the laws allow anyone to try and set up parties or stand as candidates based on certain criteria.

It is not upto Dawa to state one way or the other. He should allow proper debate. Not monitor it in a biased manner. He was insistent that callers should not be allowed to speak about their disappointment with the DPT government. That’s crazy. Is it not critical that a person make up his mind on whether he wants more choice on parties and candidates by judging the performance of the existing parties? New parties and candidates is not a stand alone debate. It’s very existence depends on whether people are satisfied or happy with the DPT and PDP!

Note – Meanwhile, Bhutanomics shall devote much time and effort to ensuring Gado does not glide so easily from corruption stifled health ministry to a beautiful future in politics. Even though (in fact because) we know the ruling government wants it, the RCSC allowed it and the BBS promotes it. He must answer for his decades in health ministry as a senior official and the utter mess it is in, for which he must bear some responsibility and participate in any investigations.

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  1. Kudos! Bhutanomics,for bringing up this very important transformation of Dawa, who was fairly balanced before.Its been quite a while since he has been the govts. spokesperson and his many programmes makes it apparent. Unless, the DPT has assured him a ticket for the 2013 elections, he is being really short sighted. Be the good journalist, you were a good journalist once a upon a time and we still feel you can come to the center.

  2. Khairigonpa-Kid says:

    It is strange that the government and RCSC have accepted the former Health Secretary’s resignation on moral grounds leaving his Ministry in a mess and the remaining senior officials to answer to the media, audit and the ACC. The official did not have any morals to first solve the charges and issues for which he should equally be blamed. He chose to escape from it and leave the rest to fend for themselves.
    Some will remember how his building in the RICB colony was built together at the same time as the JDWNRH. It was quite convenient, His house was completed well before the hospital was.
    If we elected such a man as him, perhaps we deserve him.

  3. I thought , this issue was on Dawa but it has diverged to Dr Gado.
    Dr Gado resigned honourably on moral grounds, could not deal with the pompous minister and the currupt officials that were poliferating in the 100’s. Since the ship was not sinking and the rats not deserting the ship, the captain decided to desert the the ship.

    Don’t blame Dawa of being biased, he only being patrotic.

    now on the other hand, if we don’t praise our HPM, no body outside gives a shit, so we need to motivate and support our HPM to continue to do the country proud and work for the country.

  4. Yes,I did to observe that Dawa has gone a huge transformation.He was once a anti DPT and now he has become pro-DPT,The talk of the town is that he was being sponsored for a visit to US by DPT government for Dawa being from anti to pro DPT.
    And one thing I hate about Dawa is he doesnot allow the audience to finish talking or askking questions to the guests and on top he tries to conclude before the audience finish talking.I hate Dawa more for this.As if he know everything.He is a very biased moderator.We should kick him out.We have had enough of him.We don’t want ant biased moderator,reporter or journalist anymore like we had before specially Kuensel reoprters.

  5. The only thing i see in BBS is “NO TIME”= Dutse Tshang so YI” be it in public forum live cast or song competition or interview….. the only unique thing about BBS. No other TV channel says or hints on that. I dont listen to rado,,, and am probably sure they must be saying the same thing over the radio too…

  6. I am really sad to learn that Dr. Gado is joining politics. More sad that DPT had given him a ticket. He usurped is authority as secretary of health, he put the health in a mess, he sucked, sipped, siphoned, minted and got everything he needed. And then he ran away. Now he is joining politics? Good luck for a person who is very reactive, for a person who needs to be polished with sweet words. Good luck to you Gado.

  7. This is a sad thing happening in Bhutan. If ACC is not enough there should a civil society to monitor those corrupted officials. We are worried that a person perceived to corrupt is joining a corrupt party. This will damage the future of democratic Bhutan. We will see the consequences only after many years. So prevention should start right now. Even those Ministers involved or perceived to be corrupt should be barred from running in the next election unless cleared by ACC.
    We must have a system which ensures that only wise and good people gets into politics. This will discourage corruption and encourage people to be good and work hard. We must reward those with merit and hard working.
    Dr Gado, is a good nature man but with no depth. He has done little in health but created many problem and has left it in a mess. He has favoured many not based on merit. Mr Zangley has not been successful in clearing the confusion even after 4 years and now he is always on tour trying to forget the problems.
    The perception was that dr gado was forced to resigned by the DPT govt. on moral ground. This was stated by no less than a minister? Now what we do not understand is he is joining DPT. Why? What is the basis/logic? Is he worried about wining only? where is the moral or principle on this man who is is a doctor and a dasho with secretary rank??? This is more damaging to him because DPT is perceived to be a corrupt party with numerous allegations against Vice president, President (PM) and the Deputy leader (Zimba), the speaker and so on.
    He could have easily be a president of a party. I am a confused with such happening.
    Coming to Dawa, I like him for his active role on airing the current issues but not sure if he biased since I have not followed his discussion for sometime now.

  8. BBS Dawa is a DPT man through and through. I remember very well how he ridicules spokespersons from political parties other than DPT. I also remember how he goes out of his way to support ridiculous policies of the DPT government during debates and panel discussions. If the likes of Dawa continues to work for BBS, we might as well call it DP TV

  9. going where the the wind blows. is it? i hope he improves and take serious consideration of the remarks made here. he can deliver provided he does more home work than the the make up.

  10. f#$% n s#$%….bhutonomics,……you are a complete crap!!!

  11. God help us! with Gado in politics, with his scheming wife at his side.

  12. Dawa’s uncle is the Agriculture Minister Lyonpo Pema Gyamtsho so naturally he will be inclined towards DPT. Also like someone said Dawa was bought by DPT through the New York trip for the GNH summit.

    Apart from being a biased moderator here are my few observations on Dawa

    1. His questions are always in the negative about government critics.

    2. He never ever criticizes govt policy

    3. He is the govts apologist trying to justify any govt move

    4. He cuts govt criticism short

    5. He treats DPT people whith respect and belittles the other parties

    6. He is soft on ministers and very hard on the OL

    7. He assumes media’s stories on corruption against DPT is dirty or looking for sensation

    8. He speaks more then the guests and usually in a pro-government tone

    9. His questions are very leading and favors the government ?

  13. Now a days dawa is no more doing any political interviews. Keeping many important issues he is doing on non issues like zero tolerance, business group etc. Boring topics. May be he is biased or scared of the current govt or he has already tasted some sweet scolding by the lyonchen! Hahahah

  14. Dawa is doing a great job. Forum like this are promoting negativity in the country.

  15. Dawa was at his biased best on the topin of Bhutan’s democarcy this Sunday. The New York trip has really converted him into the DPT camp.

  16. My question to DPT is what is “accountability” in a democracy?????? What accountability they have taken for the wrong doings by them? Pl set good example……

  17. WHo is Dawa? Oh that guy, who flunked in RCSC exam? What a pity.

  18. Who gives shit about so called Dawa, who flunked in RCSC.

  19. True…. P1T2T right you r… he even land up acting in so called “Bhutanese Movie” as villain and later I hope he found his right job at Monster. Com

  20. Dear Cock,
    RCSC exam is one time lottery. Everything doesn’t revolves around RCSC. who know us because we passed RCSC while people of Bhutan know him, respect him or dislike him..

  21. Deaer Puss,

    Don’t give me the shit that you have been through rcsc exam.Going by your terrible grammar, you are one of those who flunked as well.

  22. not BBS Dawa but Tenzin Rabgye is really trying to act smarter that he not really in deed

  23. Dawa’s program is just a chamcha to government, Mrs. Sonam ugyen’s is a lesson and real umage to all the viewers. Rascal like Dawa may do chamcha from his schooling itself.

  24. In a democratic set up like ours, media plays very important role (especially the print media). We all know how decisive the media will be in educating the voters and ultimately in deciding on the poll day. In this context it is of out most importance that media remain un-baised.

    However, observing several penal discussion (live) on BBS, moderated by Dawa (the face of BBS), i realized that he is really a biased moderator. If we carefully analyze his words and actions, it is 100% sure that he is biased and that he favours DPT.

    We never know may be 2018 DPT candidate from his constituency and we also know his twin brother (Nima) is contesting as NC from Bumthang, the DPT stronghold.

    Kudos to DPT and democracy…..

  25. karma tshering says:

    what ever is said on Dr gado tshering, he is still requried by the Haaps of Haa and by DPT who is holding the goverment for last five years. so let is be decided by the vote of the countrymen not by any individual ideologist/or rubbish persons. please cheack after june or july 2013

  26. Thank God Bhutanomics is banned in Bhutan.. This website can damage the image of DPT like the Bhutantimes did for PDP. Looks like PDP learnt a lesson and deliberately hosting this website.. The issue against Dawa came after Dawa interviewed the two useless PDP spokesperson. I learnt OL called Dawa the next day and threatened him and following that this articles against Dawa was published by Pro PDP.. All said and done people with good intentions will be rewarded in long run and if Dawa as alleged is biased he will be punished. .

  27. Well I had enough of comments on political party doin that and this… Well we choose them, and when do we choose them? We hardly know them and we are with no option but blindly choose according to others prospective… And here we are ….bla bla bla…. Again and again .. Barking dogs never bite… Act or else shut up and follow others like the tail.