Bhutan China Talks

Here are exclusive details from the ongoing closed door talks between Bhutan and China in Thimphu. We are publishing the first draft of what was agreed by China to Bhutan and vice versa.


A bridge of River Maokhola in southern Bhutan was promised by the DPT when it came to power. Lack of funds stalled the project. During the ongoing border talks between Bhutan and China in Thimphu, the Bhutanese side has agreed to name the bridge after Chairman Mao if funds come by from there.

Promises from the Chinese

  1. Ten Chinese gymnasts will represent Bhutan in 2016 Olympics. China promises a minimum of one gold, one silver and two bronze medals for Bhutan to keep.
  2. China will reinforce vigilance on border to ensure that Bhutanese cordyceps do not crawl into China. Visa will be made obligatory.
  3. All Bhutanese citizens will get automatic Shanghai(ed) visa upon arrival in China.
  4. China will sponsor a Made In China wooden chair, which’ll collapse in 2 years, for Bhutan’s non-permanent seat in UN security council.
  5. All city buses will have preinstalled radios tuned to Chinese stations. Buses will be supplied with newspapers from Beijing.

Promises from the Bhutanese

  1. Bhutan will dedicate bridge over Mao Khola to Chairman Mao if funds to build it comes from Beijing.
  2. Bhutan will allow silent prayers in Mandarin in front of the world’s largest sitting Dodenma Buddha in Thimphu built with Chinese labor.
  3. Bhutan will accept itself to be called “The Land of the Smaller Peaceful Dragon”.
  4. Bhutan will stop its plan to build the Great Wall of Bhutan along the Chinese border which was supposed to block fresh O2 flowing from Bhutanese forests into polluted Chinese cities.
  5. Bhutan agrees to rename doma (bettlenut) stain as Chinese red.



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  1. isn’t it what all politicians every where else does and supposed to do .. why make a fuss