Colours of Gyalpozhing Land Scam

Officials involved in Gyalpozhing land scam

Upon many allegations of illegal land transactions in Gyalpozhing in the 90s, involving many senior Government officials, Anti Corruption Commission’s (ACC) recently concluded investigation revealed rampant casses of corruption. This info-graphic is based on ACC’s “Freeze Notice” issued on 5th September, 2012. The freeze notice contains a total of 75 names.

This story from Kumbu

Kumbu was born in the GNH country, to GNH parents. While attending GNH School, he dreamt about working for GNH as a GNH officer. Now, happily married to GNH, he breathes and eats GNH. Kumbu is the GNH citizen.


  1. Very bright. With lots of orange. Guess orange is the most corrupt colour in Bhutan. Orange vs Red? Not in Gyalposhing, but other corruption cases?

  2. The Prime Minister was then the Home Minister mean? And all the Dzongdas are supposed to be under the Home Ministry in short under the Home Minister. So lets do the Maths. Speaker now Jigme T then Dzongda Mongar and Prime Minister now then Home Minister Jigme Y Thinley.

  3. I heard the Office of Attorney General is colour blind. ALL THE PEOPLE who accepted land including the spineless Attorney General Phuntsho Wangdi and his gang of five lawyers and their root guru Lyonchen JYT can go to hell.
    People in power don’t misuse power. You could land flat on your face.

  4. Chencho Tshering (daughter of Tshering Dorji) and family own Wangchuk Hotel and Druk Trin Handicrafts in Thimphu. They also own Wangchuk hotel in Mongar. They run Wangchuk Tours. They have land all over the country. And they want a piece in Gyalposhing too. Truly unbelievable.

  5. I think the list is not complete. Why are only certain names put here? If you put a list, put everyone’s names, everyone who is not from there and therefore not eligible. Regarding people owning businesses and land, if people work hard to get it, why not? As long as they didn’t steal it from someone else. We should respect those who work hard instead of putting them down for being successful. Our country will never prosper if we keep pulling each other down each time someone rises above the rest of his neighbours or his relatives.

    • The simple question is about the fairness and uniform application of law in this country. Yes we should not pull others leg for no reasons. But here it looks apparent that they have got the land using prior information and influence. The name lists are of people or related to powerful people. This is kind of sad situation that people with power getting land and less powerful or powerless are no where to be seen in the name list who actually deserve more. The power is given based on trust that they will do good to the less fortunate and not themselves. there is clearly something wrong here. You do not need to be a lawyer to see if this is legal or not!

  6. No wonder the OAG found no case. Even if it goes to the court, it willbe dismissed as no case. People are imprisoned for claiming medical bills at etc on ne hand n here we see people abuse their power to grab land yet go Scott free. So much for GNH n drangam n deranged n!

  7. Looking at the past and remembering the trends… where the Wangchuk Hotel in Mongar stand today was known as Dangri. This used to be a Gup’s office longtime back.

    Now i do not know whose land it was and how it came to be Wangchuk Hotels s after year 2000s

    • All suspicious deals should be investigated and truth brought to light and guilty punished. Until this is done we will have no fairness or peace in our society. I am not worried that I am not rich but concerned how this rich people might affect life in society especially those who become rich through unfair means. This is no good and must be prevented from happening any more. The hard working group deserve more.

  8. looks like the years of 90s became the lucky decade for so many—from land to guns/pistols

  9. there are many Bhutanese who have amassed wealth through unfair means. Some were caught by ACC and punished esp those petty cases with small amounts but many were acquitted by the corrupted judges……slowly things might get better but if our courts remain corrupted then there is not much hope. So it is important that we have judges with great integrity and are committed to fair and corruption free society.

  10. When we see the name of the benifiries, we see much of the Members of DPT down the list entangled in such curropt practices but how DPT could draw their very motto, so called “Dranyam-Drangden”, it seems that they are satisfied with what they have grasp before comming to democracy forcefully and illigally. Now the Supreme Court must be fair, must do fair and must be good enough to the nation before the country sails through more troublesome ocean with big wave of firing guns and killings.

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