Dasho Sonam Kinga

Dasho Sonam Kinga

During the 105th National Day Celebrations, Dasho Sonam Kinga was awarded the honour of Red Scarf by His Majesty the King. Dasho Sonam Kinga represents Trashigang in the National Council, and is also the Deputy Chairperson of the Council. He is 39.

His Majesty Graciously Grants me the Honour of Red Scarf

I am deeply touched and humbled by His Majesty’s graciousness in granting this high honour to someone like me on the occasion of our 105th National Day. I know I have not accomplished anything significant thus far in the service of our country and people. So, instead of receiving this honour as a reward for any accomplishment, I receive this as the most important motivation in my life to commit to a life-time of public service in whatever capacities I may have the privilege of serving. I will not let this honour become an object of attachment but take it as a constant reminder to myself about the values of humility and sacrifice that must inform my personal life and public service. I will pray and work in a way that many years down the line, His Majesty the King and the Bhutanese people will then feel that I was worthy of the honour bestowed upon me today.

My parents, family members, siblings, relatives, friends as well as colleagues at the National Council rejoice with me at the honour and confidence bestowed upon me by His Majesty. I request all my friends and well-wishers to kindly pray for me so that I am able to serve our King, country and people as one of its worthy servants. I take this opportunity to congratualte my friend Dasho Karma Yezer Raydi, whom I know as a humble, honest, intelligent and kind person. I also congratulate Dasho Phuntsho Norbu and Dasho Yeshey Wangdi for the honours they were conferred by His Majesty. I think our karmic connection brought us together to receive the honours together from His Majesty on a most important day in the life of our nation. I further congratulate all others, Bhutanese and non-Bhutanese, whose services to our country were graciously commended and recognized by His Majesty. May everything become auspicious!


From Dasho Sonam Kinga’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/sonam.kinga.31


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  1. TheoSaamGom says:

    Dasho Sonam Kinga is one person that the Bhutanese can look up to with out any doubt for many decades ahead. I have known for for a very long time time except for two years after class ten at YHS but that too he was there during the breaks. He is one man who has understood the vulnerabilities of Bhutan and the importance of having a very strong institution that we all can seek guidance irrespective of showers or shine.It will be hard to find someone like Dr. Dasho Sonam Kinga. We rejoice the honor bestowed on him by our beloved Druk Gyalpo and as Daso Takes it as a source of motivation – we consider ourselves lucky to have all those including Dasho for a better Bhutan.

  2. Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga….please use full and correct title….

  3. TheoSaamGom says:


  4. Congratulation Dasho…you are 2018 prime ministerial candidate….

  5. We would love to see Dasho becoming the PM in 2018

  6. Keep it up Dasho, you have the potential in you to achieve more in future, tashi delek!

  7. Only time will tell us. Nevertheless wishing Dasho a good luck. From a reliable sources I was told that he is in dilemma whether to join politics (NA) or re-contest for NC. He thinks he can’t win against the current finance minister from his constituency if he contested for NA with some other political party and thus remain reserved fearing his five-year future. But does he stand a chance if re-contested for NC?

    When it comes to the title I think we should use only one, he must be addressed either Dasho Sonam Kinga or Dr. Sonam Kinga. The fact that we use both it only reflects how attached we are to the titles. The tradition created by our old useless, loggerheads bureaucrats.

  8. Congratulation Dasho…. but beware of Bhutanomics…they will brand you monks…

  9. For all those who want him to become the PM in 2018, please let us know as to the traits that qualify him to become a future PM. As far as I know, the only thing he has been in doing in the NC is opposing everything the present DPT government was trying to do. If that makes him PM material, all the best to you morons.