DPT’s Letter to Punatsangchu Hydro Projects

Excavators belonging to DPT MPs


Whom it may concern, especially the one that takes care of transportation.

Our office has received numerous complains from our honourable members that your project is not showing due respect to their heavy earth moving machines that are hired by your companies. It’s heard and seen that some of our members’ machines were put to work despite repeated reminders from our office stating clearly that the machines are to be left free at all cost. You are hence advised / warned not to even think of putting DPT machines in the tunnels. The machines should be as good as new when you hand them back at the end of the project.

However, you have the freedom to fuel the machines every day, so that the drivers can sell the fuel to supplement their salary.

Non compliance will result in serious action from the government since the government is run by us. We have put some CID’s around to see if you are taking note of our words, the CIDs are wearing DPT logo on their caps which means they must be given daily allowance from your office.

Thanking you.

Your Faithfully,

General Secretary,
Druk Phuensum Tshogpa.



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  1. Heavy Earth Our Witness says:

    Our politicians are very enterprising and this article is not far from the truth.
    There are rumours about Opposition Leader also owning/hiring dozers and tipper trucks.
    Even the PM’s son-in-law (married to his youngest daughter) is rumoured to have numerous tipper trucks and dozers hired out to power projects.

    So, we need not worry so much about our future because we do have capable people at the helm.

  2. This is a bitter truth. This will simply widen the growing rich poor gap.

    Making hay when sun shines!