Thank You Letter From Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa to MD, DGPC

Chhewang Rinzin
Your Excellency Dasho Chhewang Rinzin,

We made a humble attempt to secure the membership of eminent senior civil servants to our party so that our party will raise its image, and also so that the people of Bhutan will get more senior leaderlike options than just the DPT ministers. You led us on a merry dance pretending to accept our request. Finally you have spoken to the media that you are actually very close to DPT and to Lyonpo Minjur and that if you joined DPT, Minjur would step aside for you.

A simple “no” would have been the right thing to convey to us, Sir. No need for the dance and then the attempt to humiliate our party in the media on behalf of DPT. It was very saddening. It is also sad that all big bureaucrats and powerful people want to join only DPT.

However, today we write to say thank you very much Sir for not accepting our humble request. We have found out that your name is in the Gyalpozhing Land Scam List of Illegal Beneficiaries. Our party would have been tainted beyond repair by your membership if you had joined. Thank you for not joining the new, fresh and clean party of DNT and declaring your allegiance to the DPT instead.

You have great foresight, Dashola. For our party you avoided great mistake and for yourself, you have put your eggs in the DPT basket so you will enjoy if they win again.

Yours faithfully,

Executive Committee of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa.

PS: Sir, since all minister level and senior bureaucrats are in some scam or another we cant take chances. We are now looking for Party President among the monk body and religious community in villages. Minimum requirement is that they should have been in retreat for last 15 years. We hope ECB will recognize the holy achievements of these people as university degrees. They will discard their robes to be eligible for politics. We will also look for college graduates and young civil servants who have never had any power or control over government money as they will not have had chance to be corrupt.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Nyamrup executives, check on yr paro candidate nima tshering. some reliable people say this guy is sly and opportunist & nobody likes him. just talk to some civil servants to confirm

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