GNH – Caption Contest

Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Unsigned graffiti art / street art found on a wall in the alley between Clock Tower Square and Changlimithang. What is the artist trying to express? Please comment to express yourself…, no prize for winning!!!

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  1. It means GNH is glowing in Bhutan

  2. I see a pretty grim picture. The background is painted in the colors of Bhutan’s flag, representing the country. The patient is being overdosed with more of what made him sick in the first place. He represents our average Dorji, not the over-pampered top echelon 1% who are thriving and for who Bhutan is truly a land of gnh.

  3. The person depicted in the painting is about to commit suicide by plugging himself to an electric socket.

  4. gonpa sing-ma girl says:

    caption: Intensive care?

  5. GNH- indoctrination

  6. We Bhutanese (should) breathe and eat GNH…

  7. The picture shows a person seriously is sick from drinking lot of AWP produced wisky promoted amply by our current Ministers from the past is on Oxygen and on glucose. But because of his unsteady consciousness he sees it as happiness, GNH.
    The surrounding shows full of filth/litters, pollutions of Thimphu city where our Ministers, rich and most educated people of Bhutan lives.
    It is a summary of irony of life in the country???

  8. O D on GNH !

  9. “GNH Guinea Pigs!”

    The common people are being subjected to the experiment of ever confusing concept of GNH, ever manipulated by our so called GNH scholars. The graffiti portrays that the notion is being administered into mind and body even in the form of gases and liquids, through veins and wind pipes. Eventually he/she is being obliged to stand up and show the world how great GNH is, while in truth, he seems weak and fragile and vulnerable.

  10. I can see the person was surrounded by all sorts of unhealthy environment, this indicates that in reality there was no GNH. But on other hand i see Oxygen gas and glucose been given to the person which indicates that pseudo GNH comes only in theory.

  11. lady soyang says:

    eletricuted with the over GNH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bhutanbirdie says:

    GNH is our blood and our breath!

  13. Yonden J S says:

    GNH-Good Never Happens

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