Master Jigmi Thinley’s Parents

Jigme Y Thinley Pemagatshel

Parents we could not trace in order to deliver report cards.

We could not trace Master Jigme Thinley’s parents.. The school register says Pema Gatshel but they weren’t there. We only found a wealthy aunty. She advised us to look in Punakha but we were unable to make progress because a certain former student Sangay Ngedup who we refused admission hails from there and his family wouldn’t let us make any enquiries about Jigmi. We looked in Bumthang but there is a large centre for an NGO on happiness but no sign of the parents.

So Jigmi’s parents have never attended the Parent Teacher (PT) meetings. But his rootlessness explains so much about his odd unpleasant behavior and personality.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".



    It may be strange for the class teacher to trace the parents of Master JYT, who is such an amazing kid for the world to see but so odd in his classroom and especially when he deals with his classmates individually. Bhutanese Thinktank had to do some research too. Way back in the 1990s when JYT was posted as the zonal administrator in Yonpula, the following happened. One fine morning much to the surprise of Dasho Zanglay Dukpa, JYT invited him to travel up to Sengor, which is a small village between Mongar and Bumthang. Karma then had the opportunity to travel along with Dasho Zanglay.

    Most travelers stop at Sengor for a quick lunch and pay through their nose. The guest house below the small market is the abode of JYT. Now why guest house? Here is the mystery solved. Bhutanomics wrote that JYT might have been adopted and it is very true. Sengor was a special place during the time of Jigme Namgyal as it was between the east and the west where the patriotic people like the Great Grandfather of Aum Lily Wangchuk helped to consolidate the eastern part of Bhutan. It was in 1916 the first hand written tax receipts were issued to the Bhutanese though tax was paid in Kalimpong. Karma has the first tax receipt from one of the old man in Jigmechholing intact. In those days trade was quite difficult and for a good deal people had to travel all the way to Ha and make it to Kalimpong – the route still exists. During one of those trade trips during the winter in the 1950s JYT was recruited by some traders who had been to Kalimpong. JYT was located in one of those Tibetan mandis of that time and he was mere a kid with no parents around him. While whipping the horses on the long trip to Ha and then traveling to Sengor, JYT forgot the hardships at the mandi and with his ability to speak Hindi and Nepali, he became useful to the Sengor herders and traders. When the first Census took place in the country, he was enlisted as a Bhutanese with no parents. Many suspect that he was brought from Lhadak by some Marwaris to Kalimpong. Thus JYT was adopted by some kind hearted sengorpa. With his shrewdness he could make best use of his employers’ money, often stealing and he was a favored kid when the Khillas were building the palace in jigmechholing by the roadside planning for a Coup in the country.

    It was a very serious issue and the villagers in Jigmechholing who were mostly Lhothsampas reported the reality to the government. When the real report of what was going on in Jigmechholing reached His Majesty the Third Druk Gyalpo who was in Delhi at that time, the demand for the heads of the conspirators was declared. The Khillas absconded and their truck in Assam that was loaded with guns and explosives veered off the road making their plans to finish the Royal Family failed. During that time HM Jigme Singye Wangchuk was at St. Joseph’s School in Darjelling but because of the situation that was prevailing in the Country , the young prince was sent to England for studies.

    It was a time of conspiracy in the country and the jangchubsempa Druk Gyalpo JDW was faced with challenges with his deteriorating health because of too much work. JYT had been already in the field of conspiracy as a young lout and when His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo Passed away in Nairobi, JYT was in full swing working with some of the most terrible people in the country. His lip service patriotism convinced the government to grant him that opportunity to study at Penn State in the US later.

    Soon after he returned from his studies he was burning with the passion to overshadow the Monarchy and he formed the National Youth Association of Bhutan (NYAB). The pretext of informing people starting a radio station with borrowed transmitter from the wireless station helped JYT brainwash the youths who were not so much exposed. This was a cause of concern to the government.


    The visit of Lynpo Tamji Jagar (The Grand Old man of Bhutanese Politics ), for whom I had the pleasure of taking note from the people who were exploited by the Khilla’s during the construction of the palace like structure was an important moment. About 15 villagers from surey who had been there since the 1930’s from Tsirang were interviewed about the way the Khilla’s made it to the village. The custom official who was at that time in Calcutta was also involved in the plot. The sincere words of the villagers and their fears of being slaves to the Khillas if they had been successful in the plot was revealed in tears. Finally a thorough search of the big house was done the villagers promised to make sure to get hold of anyone who came to the house. After a big picnic and cultural program the Khilla building was given to Surey Primary school. The house became a terrible place to live with students falling sick every now and then when it was used as hostel. There had been so much evil there that the school gave it to the Basic Health Unit. It was a very unlucky place and nothing good came of the house and later it became the Gup’s office but finally it was demolished for the construction of the Dratshang. That erases one segment of JYT’s conspiracy.

    The story of the terrible building is important in connection with JYT because it could have been his winter home if the plot had been successful. For some time he kept quiet and his ambition to speak as the PM got a real good shape when he delivered the speech at the closing of Bhutan’s first Education week . He was leaving Bhutan as the Kutsab to the UN. It was at the end of the week long education week he delivered at Changlimithang when the IMTART had a great display of fireworks to the students and public. It was the first of its kind in Bhutan for a public event.
    Upon his return to Bhutan, his dream to overtake the country began with this 20 year long conspiracy, which finally made him the chosen seed – the first elected PM of the country after he became successful to manipulate the whole nation.


    All was well planned in Yonpula and this time it was a real plot to divide the people of Bhutan and even rage a civil war and he wanted to come out a hero before the government. He was the Macbeth of Bhutan in the making and the sparks that he could ignite gave him great satisfaction. The country got into the turmoil and the ripples of JYT’s actions tarnished Bhutan’s image in the international arena. The effect of the heinous JYT drama are felt now with the severe shortage of manpower and heavily threatened food security. JYT played his cards really well and came victorious in the first election and making GNH as his stepping stone he has been able to not only blackmail the Bhutanese but also the international communities with his philosophy of New Economic Paradiagm. He has secured his position by the lifelong ambassador GNH and even as the next PM he is going to be the Lead Commission of the New Economic Paradiagm in the UN.

    Thus this adopted Sengor cowboy of not Bhutanese origin drowns the country every day. He is very rude, dangerous and has caused tragedy to so many. He is after another great drama before the next election. We all need to watch out this rough man for his numerous corruptions and putting Bhutan on sale!!!

    It will be futile for the class teacher to trace the parents of JYT, therefore we all should take him as the Koktee that ravaged the spiritual virginity of Bhutan.

    More to come on the conspiracy today and the traitors that we have in our political parties.

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    • longkaatang says:

      This Karma must be in the party itself. such rascals must be eliminated before DPT goes for the seconf term

  2. Whoever wrote this article is a hard core Ngolop. JYT studied in Dr. Graham;s Homes in Kalimpong. His name is still on the walls of the debating society room.
    Read between the lines and you all will know what I am talking about. Not a JYT fan but just giving the facts.

  3. So this is for every citizen of Bhutan to kindly notify that who ever comes in the front to challenge is a hero of the war. so never blame and criticize our leaders because every one is same in level playing field. i once again plead all the writers that u can’t realised untill u r in the shoe of somebody who has to dealt accordingly…..its so lucky that people really dont thank our leaders who contributed a lot.but i as an individual have nothing to comment but just to salute them for taking initiatives..