JYT – The High and Mighty!

Jigme Y Thinley

Is it a coincidence or destiny
That JYT rhymes with high and mighty?

That he trots the globe as ambassador of happiness
But at home leaves a trail of tribulations and sadness?

That he espouses simplicity and spirituality
But prepares his children for wealth and prosperity?

That the officials who gave him the land must be jailed
But for returning his ill-gotten loot he must be hailed?

That he speaks of loyal service to monarchy
But tramples upon everything blessed royally?

Oh what have we done to deserve this man?
Topple him from his throne only the civil servants can
For, to rural Bhutan he has told a dishonest story
The truth to our villages only civil servants can carry

This story from Cacofonix

Cacofonix is our contributing bard. During the day, he is a respectable civil servant, pretending to love the ruling regime.


  1. My dear author the bundles of pencils will be much stronger than that of single pen, so dont try to influence other civil servents those who knows the truth about the PM JYT, what u wrote is just a rubbish that cannt be even accepted by street dog and so forget about the acceptance from human beings. Ha ha ha my dear author try not to climb on the rock when your hands are been cut off by others. Just kidding if you are been hurt with my words but the truth is that all almost 99.99% of the people love PM JYT and that single .1% might be you who goes agenst great person, even than i here pray to God not to punish for your sinful did against great person ha ha ha.

    • I agree to the fullest. Bhutan is too small for a leader like JYT. He is one of the best leader in the world.

      • Who says Bhutan is too big for JYT? Nonsense! He is a great leader but not too big for Bhutan. Not even Barak Obama is too big for Bhutan. Evey country has its own socio-cultural set up and there are many emerging issues beyond our comprehension in this constantly changing world. No one is an expert and no one is perfect.

      • JYT is too big for his own good

  2. Sisi Shamu, hats of to you for the blind loyalty and fanatical reverence for the great leader. It is people like you who have created the Hitlers, Saddams and JYT’s of this world.

    • going by the tone of your writings – you have the makings of, and the ability to make monsters out of ordinary people. you constantly goad and provoke till even peaceful ordinary ppl become angry and violent with your constant goading.

      may you realize that goading and provoking others into anger and violence is as good as committing those acts and those who do so will suffer the same treatment.

    • We have 7 great leaders n bhutan is right sized for them our nations founder Zhabdrung N N Desi J igme Namgyel K1 to K5 thats it JYT Or Jigme Yearning for Taxation is just like the above mention word

  3. Interesting………..

  4. This so called goodpath deserves the harshest pinishment for insulting the government and the country. don’t know what the government is watching—- are we so helpless in front of the copyright violating so called goodpath who is not of Bhutanese origin and deserves to be scattered like the ngolps from the south. this website smells shit and one fineday we will silence the badpath and his so called papers fuelled by some ill intentioned chilips or ngolops. how could this badpath sustain without the support of the evil cahracter s like the ngolops. so dear friends and foes alike — he call upon the national and international bodies to condem this guy.

    • Everyone in bhutan is a of foreign origin except the doyas simple history if u do bad news paper will print it there will be blogs very simple

  5. Phuntsho you are not bad when it comes to envenoming others. hatred is appeased only by love. pl think. When fire mets fire it only grows and worsens the arson.
    We like it or not, there is gap between what we say and what we practice. We are a GNH country with values. We need clear economic policy too based on this philosophy. But sad thing is we see our markets flooding with every foreign goods whether essential or not which fuel more buying spree and some how people try to earn by hook or crook, some even through corruption. We need answers to many problem we have apart from preaching abstract GNH. To me it is nothing but religion dressed in a word GNH. Buddhism said it all long long ago. What we need is practice, practice and practice. This should start from our so called leaders who never ceases to utter tsawa sum! We are getting feed up with such cliches. We need more action and less words. We need more tolerance, more accountability than lectures on what not. It is the duty of Rimpoches/trulkus/intellectuals to preach on moral values but not the govt.

  6. Dorji Ten Zinc says:

    No matter how much few of us write all over the places that JYT is bad, corrupted and overambitious more than he is, he is the best we have got at the present.

    No one comes near him in leadership, statesmanship and Diplomacy though he needs improvement in economics. This quality comes to him from generation if we go back to history.

    Yes, i agree with author’s tittle. He is mighty and High. After 2008, we made him high and mighty and in 2013, many researches and opinions show that he will become higher and mightier.

    who was that infamous editors and critics of Abraham Lincoln. I don’t remember his name. Like wise, future generation will not remember even first OL’s name much less the CEO Ten Zinc Goodpath…
    By the way author, did you steal that idea for poem from some sources?

  7. Reporter; You have been opposing this government in many instances like Refugee Problems, Foreign policies and economic policies. Elaborate
    OL: Thank you for asking this question. I hope you will add something against government if I missed it. First on refugee issue, bringing them back is like rewarding the criminals and resolving by sending them to third country is making them rich, so government must find other ways.
    I object foreign policies because PM and entourage is making lot of money by going outside. Establishing of diplomatic relations with 10 countries in 2012 is not enough. They have to re-look at foreign relation policies.
    On economic policies, I have nothing substantial to suggest. All I wish is DPT to lose due to rupee crisis.

    Reporter: Can you suggest any alternates to foreign policy and refugee problems?
    OL: well, I won’t object to foreign policy if government sends me on official tour abroad. In democracy, everybody in higher rank should benefit. As for refugee problem, I don’t have answer. As an opposition leader, my job is to oppose not suggest alternate.

    Reporter: Next election is first approaching. What are PDP’s strategies?
    OL: I have given to a consultant firm to develop manifesto. Last time, I asked him, he told me he was looking for a means to get hold of DPT old manifesto. Based on Manifesto, I will strategize.

    Reporter: Rumour is that Dasho Damchoe will defect to another party once this parliament dissolves. Is it true?
    OL: I don’t have gut to ask him. If it is true, I wish him all the best. He had already done enough for party and me. For party, he fought and won constitutional case. As for me, he did favor by not participating in party presidential election. All I can say now is that if he goes out, I will not have to worry about me being seconded.

    Reporter: you are pressing ACC to forward the Gyelposhing case to court. You are dissatisfied with OAG’s statement that case has no legal basis. What is the reason behind such pressure?
    OL: As an opposition leader, you are never satisfied. To make changes in society, one should be Prime Minister. I want court to convict Prime Minister because DPT without Prime Minister is like a blind elephant. On other hand, the chance of PDP winning next election depends on disqualification of Prime Minister and other ministers. So ACC should complete investigation and try those in influential posts.
    To answer your second question, OAG is government’s legal arm and they will support government no matter what. Anyway, that is what I am hoping public to think. Thanks to media, I almost succeeded. Whether there is a legal basis or not is never the question. It is about what we can make public believe. I also think that with my engineering education, I can understand law better than legal experts.

    Reporter: thank you for highlighting the role of media. Which media house is your favorite and why?
    OL: The Bhutanese is my favourite media house. It not only listens to what I say, the paper also reaches what I say to people whether it is backed by reason or not. For example, it will write whatever I say in my blog in their paper. Sometimes, even those I don’t say. That paper is also doing excellent job of watch dog. They don’t bark at me because of meat in my side.
    Sometimes, The Bhutanese gives me a job while I am idling away. Bhutanese highlighted so much on Gyelposhing Landscam. I grasped the opportunity to defame government though I know it happened some ten years ago.
    Therefore, The Bhutanese is not only my mouth piece but also eyes and ears thanks to freedom of media in Bhutan.

    Reporter: Lastly, who is your favorite journalist?
    OL: By now, you must be knowing.

  8. TheoSamGom says:

    This site is definitely run by some stupid people and a lot of ngolops must be laughing their asses at us reading about the most stinking shit that goodpath threw on the plates of us- the true Bhutanese.anyone who curses JYT and DPT will develop heart attack when JYT will be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2013 because we will work hard for the New Economic Paradigm as the gift of this little Kingdom of ours to the world. Wai Badpath- what do you think can you do by sabotaging and hyperbolizing this trivial issues and spoiling the image of the government? Frankly – though you went to st. Stephens but JYT went long before you. He has seen much much more than you and is a suitable to be a leader for a much larger country and much more complesx economies. You are not even one tenth of what Dasho Karma Ura is and Badpath please never think of Mr. Rigden is equal to you. He is very farsighted and very smart. Who else do you seek to challange? Better get a better job, make some money and live happily. If you are not happy in Thimphu- come here in NYC, somehow – we will fix you a $ 10/hr job at a gas station for the night shift and you can share cold basement with one of us. You can also clean the toilet pot of the chilips and your GF from T.. can do be the baby sitter. .. she can work in the massage too…. we need some of that masssage after standing for so long. For keeping your hopes high you can get the powerball lottery ticket once a while and and day dream when a nado turns to you and asks for some newport for free “dude”. sometimes you can go to the chinese buffet and if you have luck— and if you are off the newyears eve- you can come along and joing the party. you can bring your T gf as it is all inclusive. If you turn out to be a good boy and survive this winter in $1200/month shared basement with some cold salads— you will have the fortune to meet the HPM next year — but there will be price for that too. So, Badpath- forget the cursing as “curses like chickens come home to rest”. if you don’t believe ask the Sherig Lynpo. WELCOME TO YOUR RESERVED BASEMENT – GIVE YOUR LIFE SOME GOOD EXPOSURE .YOU WILL SIMPLY WASTE YOUR YOUTH TRYING TO POISON THE EARS OF THE PEOPLE. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH…. BHUUU.

    • I couldn’t care less who runs this website. I am not a ngolop, but this still makes me laugh. You revere people like Karma Ura and Rigden. Says a lot about you.

  9. I am amazed with the capacity of the author to highlight the gist of JYT’s attributes and character and his achievements and failure all in one short poem. The author has captured the essence in all and I truly appreciate his analytical ability. Come on citizens – dont turn a blind eye! We all know what the author has written here is so TRUE and we as educated citizend need to play our role by telling the truth to our rural voters

  10. Hey – you THEOSAMGOM – WHAT DO YOU KNOW STAYING IN NYC? Dont consider yourself a patriot staying in NYC and making comments like that to people who have been living in Thimphu witnessing the good and bad of DPT governance. What do you know about what DPT and JYT has done or not staying in a foreign country. Rather than inviting the author work like you in NYC….why dont you come back to Bhutan and see how badly we have been governened. Remeber -when you point one finger towards others three fingers are pointed at yourself. If JYT is winning Noble Prize in 2013 – this comes as no surprise as he has been globetrotting all these 4 years aimed at just that! He has done nothing for the Bhutanese people besides publicize GNH, internationally. For us this means nothing!

  11. Theosamgom says:

    Hope you are not that Dawa. What is true here? it is pure defamation and liable for suing and legal action in the country? Are you forming a political party too. Please look for the good things first before you start to look for bad. Do u think that Badpath will give u a job? Lol Dawa……… please read someof the stuff in the internet that JYT and DPT have done for the good of Bhutanese and the world in general.

  12. Hey Theosamgam, again the same shit….JYT for Nobel Prize for 2013, GNH Ambassador blah blah !!! We Bhutanese will always remain blinded by our huge egoes…we think we are the last Shangrila with happiest people on Earth, unique culture and tradition. Do we even know what is World Economics ??? Who gives a shit a whether a tiny country like Bhutan who don’t make an empact in the World economy. GNH is all about big shots traveling the World, staying in luxury hotels, drinking the most expensive wine when there are people without a roof over their heads and go to bed empty stomach. Now don’t give me craps like GNH is not about being rich…it is being happy with what you have. How can people be happy if they are hungry.
    Why is JYT not happy with what he has….why does he keep accumulating wealth even by unfair means like Gyalpoishing. I am sick of GNH crap.

  13. Folks, it doesn’t help anyone to point fingers at. Forget everything and let’s think of the basic and the immediate need of the country as of now. Forget even the 2013 election! What will it mean to people living in remote areas, over the hill side and down the valley where the politicians have no idea? All the people of today need is jobs, clean towns and cities, easy access to services that are put in place at great costs but somehow denied or delayed by systemic failure of the govt. of the day. We need to stop export of GNH ideas but get it done at home first! We need to control crime rate, accidents, fire incidents, grow more vegetables, stop imports of over 50 items we can neither afford nor need here in Bhutan, stop enacting laws that have no monitoring mechanisms in place and which nobody cares to remember they have been part of the enacting body! Why should we worry about who wins the election? Let’s worry how we would like the winner to take care of serious business at home for the next 5 years and what we should do should they fail to deliver!