Letter From JYT to DPT Members

Jigme Y Thinley

My dear loyal followers,

First let me reprimand you for not being Facebook fans of mine. Not knowing how to read and write in English or not owning a computer or not visiting Facebook are not adequate excuses. All of you should give your names to my PA and those with Facebook accounts should give your login and password. He will create accounts and press “like” and “follow” etc. where necessary. If you have ideas on what I should be saying or doing on the internet speak to my daughter who runs the page.

Now, to the topic at hand. You will have all noticed that I was dressed as a northern mountain villager during the national day. (please note I say national day and not National Day. This is because the real National Day should be 9 April 2008 when I became PM and formed first government of Bhutan.) I have spent four and half years going around the world for GNH and UN seat and for so many forums where I was presented with so many honours (remember the honour from university in Bihar?). People were getting restless with my absence from Bhutan (minds poisoned by idle civil servants). So in a master stroke I decided to dance in village clothes. This is very important. I told Kuensel, Journalist, Bhutan Today and Observer to publish this picture and BBS to broadcast. They have done it. Your job is to reach these pictures to the people in our villages and show them that I was always in Bhutan for the last four and half years.

This should be supplemented by the footages of me running and breathlessly talking to the BBS during my northern tour. The reporter was an idiot. He suggested we should sit on the grass and talk. I devised the whole scene. I ran in one spot for over an hour to become breathless! Very difficult after a four hour horse ride and a full lunch with my son! My knees still hurt from that hour of exercise for the video. So don’t let my effort be wasted.

I will be coming for my tours around the country soon. I have asked HE Rinsy the First Lady to make a few ghos which look very cheap and old, so I look humble. On your part you must tell the people I never want any special decorations and arrangements during my visit (but the Dzongdags will be instructed to maximize chadri with processions, thrones, public feasts and ornamentation. How else to subdue illiterate masses than through show of power?).


With my blessings and inspirations,

Your President (unanimously raised to the pedestal, NOT elected) and Honorable Prime Minister,

HE Jigmi Y Thinlay,

– husband to the First Lady,
– father to a royal husband,
– father-in-law to a rich business lady and rich businessman,
– brother-in-law to the Special Envoy Dago Tshering,
– uncle to the next foreign secretary Doma Tshering,
– in-law to the Bangladesh Ambassador Bap Kesang, home secretary Tshering Dorji, …
– Godfather to Kuwait Ambassador Tashi Phuntshog, Punakha Dzongdag, Ambassador Daw Penjo, Ambassador Lhatu, …
– Big Boss to whole of Bhutan and in particular Karma Ura, Ace Kinley, RBP Brig Kipchu, Thimphu Dzongdag, Paro Dzongdag, GNHC Secretary, NSB Director, Finance Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Foreign Minister, Trade Secretary, Education Secretary, MOWHS Secretary, Chief Justice and of course the Attorney General.

The following are not my citizens. They are Ngolops:
– Om Pradhan,
– Chenkyab Dorji,
– Dokchhok Tshering Tobgay,
– Tenzin Rigden,
– Lamsang,
– PDP members,
– Sonam Kinga,
– Anti-Corruption Neten Zangmo,
– Election Commissioner Kunzang Wangdi,
– Auditor General Ugyen,
– Bhutanomics,
– all internet users and people who don’t use Tashi Air, T Bank, Druk PNB, city buses, Chinese cars and trucks.
– Also those who don’t have my KUPA in their home chhoeshom and who don’t respect my First Lady.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Dear author you have rightly pointed out Om Pradhan as … It is true… Others I don’t know.

  2. Ashumbhokpi says:

    JYT Copied Sonam Kinga Style by dressing in indigenous Dress. JYT gives names to ethinic groups and tribals and now he calls them “The Highlanders”. Later th ey want them to lose their original tribal names and even make them forget their roots so that he can emerge as a godfatherruk by resettling them some where. This dress from Laya (made to look like it from the imported Chinese Fabric) is for the vote this time. Frankly Sonam Kinga will make much better PM then the hell hound JYT.The adopted Lhadaki is now the master of Druk Yul. Do you call it a co-incodence or destiny?

    • Please list the achievements, if any, of Sonam Kinga and lets see if he really qualifies to be a future PM, you saying it means shit all to us.

  3. Hey Author..The original Layap picture was taken by me. How did you get this photo? Sa la chor!

    • dechen! you are JYT’s ass cleaner so that you got a chance to take a shot of that weak and feeble old man. The pic doesn’t carry any copyright water marks hence u have no right to claim it as ur property. u die like a dog and Go to hell.

  4. This author is a real ngolop and chors ….. didn’t u know dechen ?

  5. common man says:

    Funny and entertaining… i mean minus the real stuff…a joy ride….

  6. This site is sounding more and more like Fox Channel and the O’Reilly Factor. One big smear campaign with blatant lies dressed up as facts.

  7. Thank you for the kupa of the world’s greatest leader. It, like all other kupas of HIM, are gracing my altar. Thank you and please keep on giving us more.

  8. @ Dechen ; One chor pasted another chor’s photo. This chor is smaller than the big chor in the picture. Wait Dechen let Bhutanomics make millions and we will sue it and get a fair share of the money and we can give some to charity too. It stole some of my photos too and smeared them to look different. What a Chinese technique and may be the big chor taught the Bhutanomics small chor to do it. I have heard ‘set a thief to catch a thief”. This Bhutanomics author is quite creative and his blood is really blue if you look with care. But why does the manager of such a popular site stay underground? If I were the author I would go to JYT and challange him like Tenzin Rigden challanged the education director who called the Arts and Commerce Sherubtians as those living in fool’s paradise. What a costly drama taking place in the country – maybe some of the actors are aiming big screen after the election. Will be nice to see some of them in Hollywood…. Guess JYT has the passion to play the emperror of the planet earth and he can simply call it a global village? Hey what is the drama in clearing 200 acres of dense forest for resettlement in the east when there are thousands of acres ready to cultivate land remaining fallow in the south? guess JYT is constructing the mdel village – the greenest in the world.

  9. Dear Bhutanomics,
    Keep writing gibberish things about JYT. Now we understood the intent of such writings and we even knew it the founder of this website. Keep on la….we will still vote for DPT………

    • Jigdra,,Its not a matter of voting to whom u like but its our country the most we bother. What you know about the web bhutanomics,,,,when you cannot surf the net better. And your English sentences,,,”internet of such writings”. Does it makes any sense?

    • Drukechelon says:

      Ha ha ha a blind man will always be blind even if the light is lit in the dark room… So how can we blame the dark room for incapability of the the blind man to see. If u get what I mean.

  10. JYT is no where near being the worlds leader, Menda. You must be out your mind or hallucinating. The one who ought to be closest to being one is the 4th KING.

  11. Correction: Worlds greatest leader.

  12. Pain…no wonder you are in pain. Worship and commit your life to His mission of saving the world and when He becomes anointed The Savior, who knows, you too may find salvation. I envy the apostles like Ugen Wangchuk, and all those Archangels listed as being in His service. For they are truly blessed.

  13. Sorry I’m a heretic and you a ngolop.Amen.

  14. How can a JYT’s ass kisser can be a ngolop mr. pain.i am sorry that you can never say “amen” loudly in bhutan. why don’t you joing the bandwagan of Tenzin rigden and ompradhan and good path and so on as listed by jyt as his oppostes and enemies.

  15. Dochhokasskisser,lamsangasskisser,sonamkingaasskisser. says:

    This site is creation of the following presonnel. I enjoy the satire and humour but not charater assissination.

    – Om Pradhan,
    – Chenkyab Dorji,
    – Dokchhok Tshering Tobgay,
    – Tenzin Rigden,
    – Lamsang,
    – PDP members,
    – Sonam Kinga,
    – Anti-Corruption Neten Zangmo,
    – Election Commissioner Kunzang Wangdi,
    – Auditor General Ugyen,

  16. nabulichaktey says:

    @Dochhok! it can not be the work of the people mentioned above. Maybe some of them have moral support. The creator and admin as discussed this morning by a high level team and working with the service provider to sue the site manager for copyright and other peace disturbing articles – it was found that the admin is a real ngolop out side of Bhutan who is playing the dirty game of sabotaging the present government, creating misunderstanding among Bhutan’s top intellectuals and opening the insde out of JYT so that the DPT government fails. it is a big revenge against JYT, Lynpo Zanglay DPT. It is important to check all the people entering big meetings. often the small cameras are hidden indide the gho with the buttot n hole just below the batches they wear. it was found that the actual size of the high capacity camera is similar to a pen drive but only the buttonhole gets out of the gho cloth for the video. There are so many such records available and those providing the tapes will face many years in prison.

  17. I am already scared! who are those ya? Why they have to do like that or why should we fear if do not do anything wrong?

  18. How can Om be not his citizen when he is JYT’s relatives? How can Tenzin Rigden be not his citizen when he was JYT’s former Press Advisor? How can Bhutanomics be anybody’s citizen when it is a websites?

    Tshering Tobagy, Dochok Gothrip got his orange scarf on recommendation of JYT despite resitsnce from DPT members…But OL makes his failure personal grudge against JYT..MAY BE its OL’s JOB….

  19. interesting!! it should be in new history syllabus..:) a family tree,,,,if we celebrate in april…

  20. This is all bullshit…anyone can make out that the picture is edited using photoshop or other stuff…why are you trying to bring down some people’s name and fame. Are you jealous???

  21. middleVoice says:

    This site is fcukin shit….made to create misunderstanding and to destroy DPT party… So fuck you to this Bhutanomics… Kiss my ass…

  22. Morong moron says:

    How can anybody assassinate character, when one does not have it?