Master Karma Ura

Karma Ura
He was not from this school. But apparently he has a very powerful uncle who helped secure his seat in our school at the very last minute. He is from Class N(c) but he spent a lot of time here with Jigmi Thinley on a joint project. As usual the teacher of N(c) has asked me to fill his report card.

No one knows what the joint project with Jigmi Thinley is because apparently the subject of their project was to measure something that cannot be seen or smelt or touched or even understood. They dreamt up the project together. No, I didn’t authorize the project. First of all, I suspected they were actually working on a fake project. There is a school fund for project work. The two of them used almost all of it in order to research their work in the city every now and then. Most of our students have never been outside the village so I thought this was too much and cancelled their funding. They managed to get funds from outside the school, from offices and businesses. I see them leave school often with lots of papers on project trips. They refuse to walk and pay for ponies with the project money.

Ura has an intellectual air. For instance he will never say, “My name is Ura” when he introduces himself. He will say instead, “this humble lad is called Karma by his erstwhile parents but as he hails from the historic village of Ura in the valleys of majestic Bumthang, he is called Ura. Karma Ura. Bumthang is majestic not only because of the majesty of beauty but the origin of their majesties in Bumthang…”

If other kids read a book he will make sure he reads the book and also the contents in the beginning and the index at the end of the book. So if other students say, “Jane shielded herself with an umbrella from the afternoon sun”, Ura would write the same thing but at the bottom of the page he would write “Here in the book on page 13 in Chapter 2 she is using umbrella to shield from sun but we can also use umbrella to shield from rain.” So in this way his conversation or papers are always a little lengthier than other students. It may not contain additional useful information but it will give the false impression that he knows a little more. His intellectual air is exactly that – hot air.

For a boy I have hardly spent time with, I have written a long report. I think his disease is contagious! Let me end by saying, he is most likely to be an author. He can fill pages with lines of words like flies on cow dung in the village farms. Oh, he left school mid-year to work on his project full time. I believe he and Jigmi are fighting over who owns the project and controls the funds.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. That is the most succinct description i have ever read on someone.

  2. When somebody or anybody that is Bhutanese says something and writes anything, we are awestruck. We should not kill initiatives, nor should we accept the so called know it alls to be the gospel truth. It is a shame that we know so little about our own culture, history and traditions and be content with whatever is being written or said without testing the veracity of the substance. It is a pity.

  3. palden dorji says:

    It is funny that Karma Ura has to be the role model and that all bhutanese should speak in his accent-patented bhutanese intellectuals. Please do not tell us to imitate him. He is a pathetic, sick frail crook. So he disqualifies to be a true patriot. He once brought out the issue of pay structure in Bhutan. But with rumours milling around that he is given the salary of a Colonel after choreographing Dochula tshechu has closed his genuine interest in bhutan’s affair.

  4. Appreciate what others are doing people. Dasho Karma Ura is an intellectual. This website sucks.

  5. It’s only proper that we call him- Terton Karma Ura.

  6. The guy is a pseudo-intellectual really.

  7. Nobody dispute his intellectuals but i heard many researchers are not happy because he is always author of what other researched….that way..he got red scarf too… who knows because ends justifies the means for him….

  8. Karma Ura Rinpoche…why add your dances in our sacred religious Tsechus.

    • Exactly, while we talk so much about keeping our rich cultural heritage intact, Karma Ura is allowed to get away with introducing his military drills in many Tsechus. Kind of wonder what the Home Ministry and Department of Culture are doing while our culture id being destroyed by someone who seems to be the self appointed expert on the history of Bhutan. If you tune into BBS and listen to his narrative on our monarchy, he talks as if he were present even during the times of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Druk Gyalkpos.

  9. K Ura has introduced some thing more interesting to the mundane Tsechus, celebrating the victory over the enemies and much better, the army get to dance.

    • Really, do you actually believe that the dances with military drill like steps is actually good for our tsechus. I am all for culture evolving with time, but come on, the dances introduced by Karma Ura have no place in our tsechus. Far from it being interesting, it looks absolutely ridiculous.

    • And by the way, what victory are we celebrating,

  10. kewadatshi says:


  11. Jigdra Dradul says:

    It is ironic that Mr. Karma Ura is a strong proponent of GNH. He is a draconian leader. Good leadership is not in his blood. Happiness begins at home. But the office he is leading (center of Bhutan Studies) has become the center of unhappiness. Many new graduates dread to join CBS. The older ones have left and are still exiting. If such trend is set, where is the development of scholarship in this country. Mr. Ura should now leave CBS. He should give chance to younger ones. There are many potential scholars who can even outdo Mr. Ura given the impetus. How comes that he can be the head of this organization for more than a decade? RCSC need to wake up and transfer him elsewhere, at least, to ensure that others get the opportunity to serve in such organization.

    Recently, CBS has changed its name into GNH Research. Its is funny. What credible research has it produced, except for those confusing reports, based on the survey conducted with flaws? I was taken aback when I was told CBS survey took about a year to complete. Happiness survey should be completed within a stipulated timeframe, otherwise, the results are likely to be flawed.

    Mr. Ura should also realize that he cannot be the head of CBS for so long. This post cannot be monopolized by him. It is only with some frequent change in the leadership that any organization will get new ideas and innovation.

  12. Jigdra Dradul says:

    He is terton, thangthong gyalpo (architect) and will soon become Lam Neten of Dochula.

  13. Prince of Pangthang-daza says:

    Lam Neten of Dochu la? haha… nice one, Jigs.

  14. Yes Dasi karma Uurs should leave for good of the organization. He stayed too long there and it is high time he should allow newcomers. The leadership problem in CBS is obvious from mass exodus of it’s employees. I heard they left for the reason that they could not tolerate Dasho Karma’s never-ending power abuse, favouritism, bullying. The government should find out why CBS staff members are leaving CBS one after another. Something has gone wrong with this think tank. One leader should not lead the same office for a decade to prevent redundancy.

  15. Jamba Dorji says:

    For the reasons given here by fellow countrymen, I’ve given up watching Tshechus since a year ago. The sacredness of Tshechus is marred and ridiculed with ‘army drill dances’; these ‘funny dances’ do not have place & should never be equated with centuries old sacred ‘chams’ that are supposed to liberate you just by watching after your death.

    The day is not very far when we might have such a person become Lam Neten for a lhakhang or dratshang. Quite sad I must say on the path Bhutan is treading in the name of GNH.

  16. Interesting posts. I did not know Karma Ura is such a bad leader. May be because he is a military man now tey.

  17. Some says he is arrogant, obnoxious, chamchagiri, dacronian, selfish and corrupt man

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