Master Khandu Wangchuk

Khandu Wangchuk

Lively. Talkative. Sometimes he can be a bit cynical. He finds it difficult to acknowledge other children’s strengths and qualities. Very shrewd. He will find a way to befriend the most knowledgeable student for any homework or test preparation. He will run errands and please even the most difficult teacher to get his grades up. At lunch break you will find him sitting with the more affluent kids, eating more of their lunch than his own.

If he puts his energy to doing the right thing, he would most probably succeed. However, he wants success the right way or the wrong way. What I mean is he doesn’t have a goal or a set of principles he lives by. He just wants to be successful.

I fear he will go through life always unsatisfied because he doesn’t know what success should mean to him. He will let others and circumstances define success, and try to live up to that. Which means he will never be happy where he is. He will also never seem the same person to people who know him. He will keep changing…, changing direction, friends, principles and ambitions. He’s a chameleon.

He would be suited for work in the business sector. Maybe selling used cars or expensive insurance schemes. Khandu wouldn’t hesitate to steal a cow and sell it back to a dying helpless villager. He will become rich.
And a typical Bhutanese woman and her family wouldn’t be able to live with his constant change in personality. He needs to settle down with someone without roots or a large extended family. Maybe an expatriate or an immigrant.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. This student is a very obedient student. He follows whatever the principal baldy says. Even if he has the right answer to the question asked he will look at the Mr. baldy to check his moods and then give the wrong answer to agree with him.
    baldy: Rupee crisis is not a problem to be dealt by us (Council of Corrupt/Criminal Ministers), is it????
    khandu: (even though he knew the causes of the problem and some few solutions) no it’s not a problem that we not to deal with it. Lets start blaming others, lets bring in Mr. stiglitz and let him speak..