Land Prices in Bhutan

His Majesty the King’s Kasho to the Parliamentarians to deliberate prudently on the Land Bill couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment. Land prices in Bhutan are exorbitant, and completely out of reach for most Bhutanese, including myself. I am a 36 year old university grad, working as a civil servant for the last 12 years. I live in a rented apartment in Kawangjangsa with my lovely working wife, and our 2 beautiful daughters.

My father bought a 50 decimal plot in Thimphu for Nu.7,000 in 1974. He was 25 years old. When I was 25 my father was still supporting me. At 36, I don’t even own my own apartment, let alone a piece of land.

Land Prices in Bhutan

Killing me softly

A random selection of land prices per decimal:

  • Shingkhalauri / Jomotsangkha: Nu. 330
  • Mongar Tongla: Nu. 5000
  • Dagana town: Nu. 15,000
  • Pemagatshel Denchi town: Nu. 15,000
  • Mongar town: Nu. 2 lakhs
  • Kelikhar: Nu. 50,000
  • Paro town: Nu. 3 lakhs
  • Rural Paro: Nu. 45,000
  • Gelephu town: Nu. 4 lakhs
  • Near Gelephu Airport: Nu. 1 lakh
  • Phuentsholing town: Nu. 10 lakhs
  • Phuentsholing Kharbandhi: Nu. 2 lakhs
  • Thimphu Changangkha: Nu. 8 lakhs
  • Thimphu Changbangdu: Nu. 6.5 lakhs
  • Thimphu Expressway: Nu. 9 lakhs
  • Thimphu Babesa: Nu. 4 lakhs
  • Thimphu Norzin Lam: Nu. 13 lakhs
  • Thimphu Dechencholing: Nu. 2.5 lakhs
  • Thimphu Taba: Nu. 3.20 lakhs
  • Thimphu Lanjophaka: Nu. 6.5 lakhs
  • Thimphu Kawajangsa: Nu. 5 lakhs
  • Thimphu Jungshina: Nu. 3.5 lakhs
  • Thimphu Motithang: Nu. 8 lakhs
How much does land cost in your part of the country?
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  1. … thats the cost of my dream. out of reach…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for posting this info. Can you please also write about approx rental in Thimphu. In my part of the country (private colony, Gurgaon, Haryana India), the land price is INR 1 Lakh / square yard. or INR 48.4 Lakh / decimal.


  3. Is it possibil to buy lend in Bhutan as foriner.

  4. One plot Land for sale at gelephu town

  5. I am a Indian can I buy land in Bhutan?
    If I can Then what’s the process.