Letter from Ace Kinley and Karma Ura to the PM

GNH Conference
Your gracious Excellency the Honourable Lyonchhen of Bhutanese Democratic Government,

We write with great alarm! You may have noticed the high honor of Red Scarf was given to a few people. We have no qualms about the awards to the people from the power sector like Yeshay and Phuntsho as we know nothing about that sector, and we care even less for the one given to Karma Reddy, as MoWHS or NC is not where we want to be. The one that really was wrong is the one to Sonam Kinga, that pseudo intellectual.

Does this mean his works on history and art and his writings on GNH are to be taken as seriously as ours? Our works are established works. After all we have not changed our papers since the time we were working in Kuensel and Planning Commission in the 90’s. How can new literature be introduced on subjects we have adopted without our involvement? We fear this will set in motion endless wannabe writers and historians and GNH experts. God forbid, if the UN and other agencies start inviting them to conferences instead of us! Or if the people begin to get ideas that there are different ways of thinking of GNH! That would not be Bhutanese at all!

Your Excellency’s powerful intervention is sought. Prevent this short ugly man from speaking on GNH. GNH must be represented by people who look pleasing and acceptable and beautiful like Your Excellency and your humble entourage of the two of us, and Doma Tshering. At the appropriate time we should include your daughter, Sir. But no one else. Even that idiot Karma Tshiteem must be excluded. He works in the Planning Commission, not the Happiness Commission. Happiness Commission should really be the Centre of Bhutan Studies.

Excellency Lyonchhenla, please do something as I (Kinley) have invested so much time and marital future bliss into my wife’s think tank (The Bhutan Centre for Media and Democracy), and I (Ura) have invested my life into the CBS and invention of religious dances. The birth of new Bhutanese academics would kill our marriages and our futures. Who else has invested their marriage and historical legacy into their work? We are unique, Sir. As you are, too, Sir.

And lastly, as Your Excellency sits in endless “world changing, magnificent and super important meetings” and talks for hours without a script (EDITOR – meaning without thinking) who will try and transform those hours of monologue into an academic and government policy changing document? Us, of course.

With our profound love and respect to Lyonchhenla and Aum Lyonchhenla and family.

Drukpa Kinley
This story from Drukpa Kinley

Drukpa Kinley, from the 1400s, is one of Bhutan's foremost saints and yogis. He was known for his crazy methods of enlightening other beings, which earned him the title "The Divine Madman".


  1. Meh..

  2. I liked the picture. But I think the duo should not worry of their place. In fact they should welcome more and more talents into their fold for the larger interest of the nation. Dasho S kuenga’s muscle is no doubt buldging and seems to be a cause of worry for some already! Hahaha

  3. Oh Lord this is a great Christmas gift…2 of the Archangels featured in one beautiful photo beating up one of the Judases (Ngolops)! I’m almost orgasmic! Thank God that you resisted featuring one of the The Saviour. Otherwise I would have really cum. Kadinche again, Bhutanomics…at this rate there will be no room in my small choeshum. I have one small suggestion. Pl put a hallow around any photo of HHETSOTWAIGL YT (His Highest Excellence The Savior of the World And Its Greatest Leader) jyt. Or something like that. Please!

  4. where dasho sonam kinga enters everybody feels threatened…..

  5. apkuchu says:

    dasho sonam kinga will become great person or even greater then kinley and karma

  6. But his Johny walkers model was too much for many of us. He blatantly showed that we have some rancid butter and cheese in his bag and heart.